What Is Remy Hair, Non Remy Hair, Virgin Hair?

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Do you love changing your look with wigs? However, if you dig deep into this field, you will surely be overwhelmed by the many options available on the market. 

Have you heard about Remy hair, non-Remy hair? As for Virgin hair, what do you think about this product? 

The variety of hairstyles above can be overwhelming, but don’t worry too much. Here is all the information you need to know to confidently answer the question: What is Remy hair, non-Remy hair, virgin hair? 

What is Remy hair?

Remy Hair Is Bouncy And Smooth
Remy Hair Is Bouncy And Smooth

Basically, Remy is a product that has not been treated with chemicals such as toxic dyes. 

Previously, the source of this product came from human hair. However, with the development in style, and beauty trends, finding Remy is not an easy task. Therefore, hair business owners wanting to import Remy hair, they have to shift their search to countries like India, China, Vietnam, and Campuchia. 

And currently, the above countries are the largest source of Remy today. Women living in the countryside in this country often do not use chemicals to style or color. Instead, they use highly effective, natural care methods. 

Remarkably, the result is their untreated ponytails with cuticles facing in the same direction, possessing all the hallmarks of Remy. 

The most popular Remy models today originate from Asian countries such as India, China, and Vietnam. These countries are also always famous for thick, smooth, straight, and uniform products in the cuticle direction. 

Meanwhile, the highest quality products will need to undergo careful collection to keep the hairs aligned most naturally in the manufacturing process. This manual processing method can be pretty time-consuming, but you will minimize the problem of tangles when using the product. 

What is non-Remy hair?

Compared with the above products, Non-Remy is more popular due to its relatively low cost and is readily available because of its relatively simple processing method. 

Non Remy Hair Is Collected From Many Donors Strands Do Not Go To The Same Direction
Non Remy Hair Is Collected From Many Donors Strands Do Not Go To The Same Direction

The common feature of this hairstyle is that the roots and ends are mixed, and the cuticles do not turn in the same direction as Remy above. The origin of production materials also comes from Asian countries such as India, China, and Vietnam, but the hair processing and manufacturing are different. 

First, similar to the production of any hair extension, the manufacturer will collect natural hair from various sources. Due to the difference in quality, you cannot expect Non-Remy to undergo the same meticulous selection process as Remy products. 

Manufacturers often collect Non-Remy from random suppliers to save maximum costs. Therefore, it is not surprising that the epidermal orientation of the product is not uniform, which leads to an increase in problems of shedding, lint, breakage, etc.

After the raw material collection step, most manufacturers will shave off the cuticle and even remove the tail to reduce friction, thereby improving the life and beauty of the product. 

Finally, the manufacturer will use a silicone coating on the product to create a natural shine. While it’s a well-intentioned addition, the silicone coating doesn’t offer much benefit. 

Because after you use cleaning products such as shampoo and conditioner to clean, the silicone layer will peel off, causing the hair to lose its shine and have severe tangles. 

What Is Virgin Human Hair?

Virgin Hair Is Collected From A Donor
Virgin Hair Is Collected From A Donor

To put it simply, Virgin Hair is an entirely unprocessed, highly intact product that meets strict standards of the most demanding professionals. 

The first, and most important criterion, distinguishes this hair type from a wide range of popular options available on the market: raw, uncolored, or chemically untreated. That said, Virgin needs to say no to perming, bleaching, highlighting, or ombre.

Second, the highest quality products often have a uniform origin. More than simply using ingredients from the same country, Virgin Human comes from a single hair donor. That way, the cuticle of the new product is highly intact, and all cuticles are oriented to one side. 

Third, the lifespan of a typical Virgin model should last at least a year. To get this impressive use time and a large part thanks to the proper care and maintenance process, the damage is minimized. 

Compared to chemically treated hair extensions or weaves, an all-natural product like Virgin Human can last longer and maintain its beautiful shine. 

Referring to the aesthetics, it is impossible not to praise the smooth, tangle-free shine despite repeated product use. 

That is also why this hair type is the dream of many women, especially those who need to dye. Because with Virgin, the ability to color will be more accurate. Thanks to its excellent strength, the product still delivers the beauty you’ve always wanted, even after using chemicals. 

Therefore, currently on the market, the most advanced products are made from Virgin hair. 

What is the difference between Remy hair vs non-Remy hair vs virgin hair? 

You must have had the first impression of each different hairstyle with the above information. 

However, if you have to choose virgin hair among a series of options, are you confident you can accomplish this task? If the answer is no, don’t despair. The information below is helpful enough to help you complete the product differentiation: 

How to tell the difference between Remy hair and non-Remy hair?   

To distinguish hair types with different qualities, you need to remember the properties of each product. Precisely, Remy and Virgin have naturally aligned hairs, uniform from root to tip. Meanwhile, no Remy is a collection of many hairs coming from many different sources, so the direction of the cuticle is quite chaotic. 

With the above characteristics, it can be concluded that not Remy will be quite tangled and fibrous. Although the manufacturer uses many chemicals to process, it is pretty challenging to bring natural beauty and softness to the product. 

Therefore, to distinguish each option, one of the fastest and most effective ways is to try brushing your hair. Because sometimes, just at a glance, it will be difficult for you to assess the softness and naturalness accurately. Therefore, it is better to use your fingers to feel the tangle yourself. 


In addition to manually checking the softness, you can rely on the following criteria to distinguish each product type: 


Virgin has the highest price because it must meet strict criteria for the number of chemicals used, the hair strands’ uniformity, and the cuticle’s quality. Remy also has a pretty high price tag on average, and the product with the lowest price tag is non-Remy. 

Natural look

Natural look: In this criterion, Virgin continues to win. Because the type of product with the cuticle in one direction, with high integrity, will bring the softest, most natural beauty possible.

Meanwhile, Non-Remy has no advantage in the direction of the cuticle. That is also why this type of product is the least natural, lacks natural shine, and even has a tangle phenomenon. 


Virgin and Remy both do not require overly complicated maintenance. You can completely treat these products like your natural hair and use your favorite products to clean and maintain great shine.

Meanwhile, maintaining and keeping the non-Remy folds is not so easy. 

Because as mentioned, this hair type often comes with a silicone coating, which helps maintain the shine. However, after only a short time, you will have to face a rough, fragile, lifeless fake product when the coating comes off. 


Longevity: Virgin can last up to 3 -4 years with proper care. For Remy, the lifetime will be slightly shorter, usually between 6 – 12 months. Non-Remy has the worst life expectancy, as it can become dull and frizzy after just a few washes. 


For Remy, styling with colorants or heat doesn’t damage the product. However, with non-Remy, the product, which has already suffered a lot of damage, will not be able to withstand dyeing or changing the style by heat. 

As for Virgin, many professionals love the coloring on this product. Because with raw materials of untreated hair, Virgin is healthy, natural, and very suitable for paint. 

How to find the best Remy hair vendor?

Through the information above, you must have partly understood the raw material supplier to the overall quality of the product. And to be able to source high-quality hair, you should refer to the following guidelines: 

High-quality human hair

As mentioned in the previous section, the quality of the product is influenced by many factors. Factors, in which the origin is one of the decisive factors. 

Therefore, you should appreciate hair purchasing units from famous countries in this field, such as Vietnam and India. 

In particular, Vietnamese women with soft, strong hair and rarely use chemicals and harmful high heat will be one of the most considered sources of raw materials today. 


A reputable raw material supplier needs a large scale of operations. And the above characteristics have a significant influence on the price. Also, from this criterion, you have another basis for considering when choosing a manufacturer: reasonable price, commensurate with the quality of the product. 

Customers service

Finally, although not directly affecting the quality of the product, customer care services have a significant impact on your shopping experience. 

Therefore, before choosing any cooperation unit, you also need to prioritize options with good customer service, enhancing your selection and purchase experience.

Where To Buy Virgin Hair And Remy Hair? 

In this post, I will recommend to you a reliable Vietnamese hair factory. This company is called Gruda Hair – having 14 years of experience in the hair field. Gruda Hair is a reliable partner and friend of many hair business owners all over the world. They are hair salon owners, hair wholesalers, hair retailers and customers who have demand on using hair extensions. 

About Gruda Hair

Gruda Hair - Top best Vietnam hair factory
Gruda Hair – Top best Vietnam hair factory

With 14 years in the hair industry, Gruda Hair nowadays has gained a stable position on the global scale. It has a good reputation among those working in the hair field. With relentless effort in providing high quality, enhancing staff’s skills and prioritizing customer experience, Gruda Hair successfully establishes steady partnerships with many clients. These days, its customers are from different continents in the world. They are: Italia, Ghana, Ukraine, Brazil, Nigerian, Ghana, African nations, French, Germany, the US-UK, Russia…

Actually, Gruda Hair has a deep understanding of hair extensions products as well as customers’ needs. Therefore, it always makes the best effort to satisfy customers and deal with their pain points. 

About products

There are a large number of products with countless types and hairstyles. They are: fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions, hair bundles, hair wefts, micro link hair extensions, sew in hair extensions, closures, tape in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces, … with 2 main qualities: Virgin hair and Remy hair and 3 grades: Single Drawn hair, Double Drawn hair, Super Double Drawn hair. Regarding hair styles, it has: curly hair, deep wave hair, straight hair, bone straight hair, wavy hair, pixie hair… with vibrant colors.

Here are some photos of products from Gruda Hair

Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair

Here are the price table of products from Gruda Hair

Price Of Hair Extension: Single Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Single Drawn Hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn Hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn

Characteristics of hair from Gruda Hair

As I mentioned below, Vietnamese hair has first-rate quality because hair sources are from 100% natural Vietnamese women. 


Hair sources of Gruda’s hair are from Vietnamese women who usually inhabit mountainous regions. Everyday, they work outside, so their hair is exposed to the environment. Therefore, hair is so resilient, durable, smooth, strong and bouncy. 

From this, it is understandable that Vietnamese hair factory in general and Gruda Hair in particular mainly produce hair extensions with 2 primary qualities: Virgin hair and Remy hair.


Thanks to high quality in hair sources and high-level in skill of craftsmen, hair from Gruda Hair is incredibly durable. For Virgin hair products, their longevity can last at least 1 year. With the proper care, they can last up to 5 years.

Considering Remy hair, its quality is high and can meet client’s requirements. Remy hair products’ longevity can be about 1-4 years. 


Because all hair extensions products from Gruda Hair are made from 100% natural hair. Therefore, hair extensions have the same function as human hair. There is no need for complicated hair care, however, users can diversify hairstyles depending on their preferences. Hairs can be dyed, bleached or styled in many ways.


There are quite a few other interesting issues associated with these three types of face-changing products. However, with a limited article space, we can only answer a few frequently asked questions below: 

Remy vs non-Remy, which one is better? 

Remy’s answer is this product can maintain its natural, smooth beauty even after repeated washing.

Why so many different hair types? 

The hair type will be determined based on structure (straight, curly, wavy) and thickness. With the diversity in characteristics, it is not difficult to understand that there are quite a few nowadays products with distinct features. 

What does it mean when hair is non-Remy?

As mentioned above, non-Remy consists of many hairs with no consistency in the cuticle, nor can the quality of the root be guaranteed.

What’s better Indian Remy or Brazilian hair?

The answer depends on your personal feelings and preferences. 

The Indian Remy received more favors from users because of its natural airiness and buoyancy. Besides, products from this country can also be easily styled, curled, or pressed. 

Why is human hair expensive in general?

To explain this problem, it is impossible not to consider the rather tricky manufacturing process. Even with the manual production method, an expert will have to work within 40 hours to produce a high-quality product. 

Because of the complicated process and high level of expertise, the cost of new is slightly higher than that of products made from artificial fibers or other substances. 


What is Remy hair, non-Remy hair, virgin hair? Hopefully, the above question no longer makes it difficult for you with the above sharing. From there, you can not only distinguish between different types of products but also confidently choose the option that best suits your budget and usage needs. 

Being an individual who is concerned about hair extensions, I believe this post benefits you a lot. Therefore, do not forget to share it with others so that they can know about it.

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