The Best Comparison: Malaysian Hair And Indian Hair

Wigs are one of the must-have makeup items for many people who frequently change their hairstyle. Therefore, they may be willing to spend thousands of dollars to own a wig with a high shine. With the development of the fashion and entertainment industry, the demand on wigs is increasingly high. 

Nowadays, on the hair market, there are two types of hair that are very popular: Malaysian hair and Indian hair. 

Comparing the quality of these two sets of hair, many people find it difficult to distinguish. The following article will help you have the most overview of these two types of hair.

About Malaysian Hair

Deep wave Malaysian hair extensions
Deep wave Malaysian hair extensions

If you don’t know, Malaysian hair is one of the biggest and best wig suppliers in the world. Specifically, they originate from Southeast Asia, fully inheriting the outstanding advantages of extremely shiny and bouncy hair. As its name implies, we can affirm that Malaysian hair is sourced from Malaysia. 

Like China and Vietnam, Malaysian hair has long had a significant influence on the trend and demand for hair in the world. Consequently, this country exports a huge amount of hair to all countries all over the world.

 To do that, Malaysian hair must possess a lot of outstanding advantages:


Malaysian Hair is extremely shiny. When wearing Malaysian hair extensions, it brings users a luxurious feel and has a natural shine. In terms of the smooth and bouncy texture, Malaysian hair extensions won’t never disappoint users.

Durable & Versatile

With the remarkable strength, from the original Malaysian hair extensions, they can be produced in a variety of colors after bleaching and dyeing. Furthermore, considering the main color of Malaysian hair, it has a nice dark brown color. Therefore, Malaysian hair extensions products have gained a huge popularity and love from numerous international and South African celebrities. 

As I said above, Malaysian hair is strong and durable, because there are a wide range of hairstyles that can be created from it. Specially, due to the characteristic in gen of Malaysian women, their hair holds curls extremely well. 

Malaysian women are beautiful and bring healthy beauty. Therefore, their hair is undoubtedly bouncy and has a very long service life. 

About Indian Hair

Indian Hair Extensions
Indian Hair Extensions

India is one of the largest hair producers and exporters in the world. Most of the hair will be obtained from regions such as Tirumala in East Andhra Pradesh, South India. 

With this section of hair, it is somewhat inferior to Malaysian hair in terms of quality and texture. 

Because it has a higher hardness, the softness will not be equal to the hair from Southeast Asia. However, it still possesses quite a lot of outstanding advantages for users to choose it:

Quite good quality

The cuticle alignment of Indian hair is quite good, it has high hardness and characteristic black color. However, the hair after being shaved from a woman’s head when tonsuring is often piled up, therefore, the cuticle of Indian hair is not intact. Therefore, Indian natural hair with medium thickness, this can well match with many women not too thin or thick. 

Indian hair has good quality. Due to the strength and durability, original Indian hair is flexible. Therefore, it can be created, bleached, dyed and styled in the ways you want. 

Available in stock

In reality, Indian hair is always available in stock. As you know, the Indian hair industry has become an industrial-scale production. Thanks to high availability of hair source, Indian hair factories always produce a large amount of hair products. Then, they can be readily shipped for each order immediately.  

To some extent, Indian hair may be somewhat inferior compared to Malaysian hair. However, not everyone will choose Malaysian hair, because it does not suit their style. 

Therefore, comparing these two types of stocks is an issue that many customers are interested in. With both of these hair sets, it will have different points in common and different.

Malaysian hair and Indian hair: Similarities

The similarity between these two types of hair is that it is of Asian origin, so black hair will make up the majority. This hair possesses a high shine and shines due to the high content of melanin in the hair. 

At the same time, the hair is not always black, but it possesses many other colors. They can be light brown and dark brown. Nevertheless, actually, the color difference does not affect the quality of the hair. Therefore, you will not need to worry too much about this difference.

Similar features
ColorBlack color makes up the majority, but sometimes it can blend with light and dark brown hair. 
ShineBoth have shiny look, bring the glamorous appearance for users

Malaysian hair and Indian hair: Differences


Quality is one of the biggest differences when you compare Indian and Malaysian hair. With Malaysian hair, it will have excellent quality year-round even with fluctuating temperatures. Malaysian hair has a silky and smooth texture because of a tropical temperature with favorable weather conditions and temperature. Meanwhile, Indian people have undergone extremes of heat all-year round, making hair stand the rigorous weather. Moreover, as we know, there are many regions in India having low living standards, impacting the health of hairs. 

For these reasons, Indian hair certainly won’t be as strong and durable as Malaysian hair. However, this hair still has a lot of positive user reviews and trust use. Therefore, overall, Indian and Malaysian hair are still worth your while.

Malaysian hairIndian hair
TextureSilky, smooth and softRough, natural curl, smooth
DurabilityQuite longMedium


When it comes to the price, Malaysian hair will be more expensive than Indian hair. Because Malaysian hair simply possesses high shine and softness, it can be easily styled and works well in many different environments. Besides, as I used to mention, because of the reason a number of famous individuals are fond of Malaysian hair. Therefore, this helps increase the reputation of Malaysian hair extensions. 

As a result, Malaysian haircuts can cost hundreds of dollars. As for Indian hair, it has the stiffness and frizz characteristic of the people here. Therefore, it will be difficult for most users to style. In fact, it has a pretty cheap price of only about 10 dollars. The quality of the majority of collected hair is not as high as Malaysian hair. Hair is primarily harvested from donating activities in temples. Moreover, in India, “hairball” – the type collected daily through activities of Indian women such as taking a shower or sweeping the house is really common. These 2 facts play a big role in deciding the cost and quality of Indian hair.

Malaysian hairIndian hair
PriceMiddle-segment to high-segmentUltra low-segment to middle-segment


In terms of variety, Malaysian hair will have more flexibility. Because it can style and color, it does not force users to follow a certain style. You can curl, straighten or color this hair. However, as opposed to the increased availability of Indian hair, hair from Malaysian, especially virgin Malaysian hair, has limited sources. Meanwhile, Indian hair is quite diverse due to the highly advanced technology adoption from China. It can turn the hairball or low quality hair into silky and smooth hair. 

Malaysian hairIndian hair
DiversityLimited color (usually natural brown and black)Diverse in both color and grade due to availability of hair source and modern technology application

With this difference, many users will be skeptical about the quality of Indian hair. At the same time, Malaysian hair will also be met with mixed reviews and its true price and quality. So, is there any hair product that can replace these 2 types of hair? The answer is yes.

Alternative Products: Vietnam Hair Extensions

One of the best alternatives for users is Vietnamese hair. With Asian origin. Vietnamese hair has a very high shine, it consists of 2 main colors, brown and black. Therefore, users can easily style them and for sure, Vietnam hair is incredibly durable and versatile. 

At the same time, the fact that they bleach their hair and change the color does not affect the quality of the hair too much.

In terms of texture and characteristics, hair in this country is superior to Indian hair and Malaysian hair. The price for a set of hair certainly will be relatively high, however, it deserves the high quality. For many customers, Vietnam hair extensions are affordable due to the best quality. 

Here, I will introduce a reliable Vietnamese hair factory that distributes hair extensions across the world. This company is known as Gruda Hair.

About Gruda Hair

Gruda Hair Factory - Vietnam hair factory
Gruda Hair Factory – Vietnam hair factory

It is dedicated to its aim of “Never selling bad hair products that harm your hair business”. Moreover, this firm has been in the hair market for over ten years and is proud and confident in cooperating and developing with clients. Gruda, with its high degree of reputation and quality, becomes a dependable supplier to over 3000 wholesale and retail hair customers worldwide. Additionally, the clients of Gruda Hair are: Germany, the US, UK, Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroon, Namibia, Spain, French, Russia, Italia, …

Gruda is aware that hair extensions made from mixed synthetic fiber or second-rate are two of the most significant reasons contributing to poor hair quality and a negative customer experience. As a result, the goal of Gruda Hair is to provide every lady with an exceptionally natural look, confidence, and a sense of satisfaction. Gruda Hair’s mission is to provide consumers with a fantastic experience.

About Gruda Hair’s Products

It can offer a wide range of hair products allowing customers to consider and pick up hair extensions they love. 

Prioritizing customers’ experience, Gruda Hair only provides products with 2 main qualities: Virgin human hair (the hair collected from only one donor) and Remy human hair (the hair collected from two or more people and every strand goes in the same direction)

They are: wigs, bulk hair, hair extension wefts, clip-in hair extensions, tip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, closures, frontals, ponytails and so on.

Accompanying hair types, there are a large number of hairstyles you can unlimitedly choose:  from straight hair to curly hair, natural color hair to bleached or dyed hair. Some of the significant hairstyles are bone straight hair, pixie hair, afro kinky hair and body wavy hair, and full of color choices: piano, choco brown, blond, red wine and so on.

Here are the images of hair products

Vietnam Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Vietnam Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Vietnam Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Vietnam Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Vietnam Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Vietnam Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Vietnam Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Vietnam Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Vietnam Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Vietnam Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair

Here are the table price you can refer to consider more

Price Of Hair Extension Single Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Single Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Super Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension Super Double Drawn

About Gruda Hair’s feeback

Customers Feedback For Gruda Hair
Customers Feedback For Gruda Hair
Gifts Gruda Hair Sends To Our Customers
Gifts Gruda Hair Sends To Our Customers
Video feedback of a customer

A customer are satisfied with our product

After finding out which countries have unique and similar hair patterns, the question is where to buy hair? Or Who is the hair supplier? 

If you are wondering about choosing a brand that supplies Malaysian and Indian hair, you can refer to some of the suppliers below.

Top 5 Malaysian And Indian Hair Suppliers

Indian hair suppliers

Beauty SHE India

Website Of Beauty SHE India
Website Of Beauty SHE India

If you are looking for a brand that produces good woven hair extensions for users in India, then Beauty SHE India will be the best choice for you. After the hair is collected and processed, it will be transported to the hair extension factory. 

Here, the hair will in turn undergo a hair treatment process to improve the quality and ensure the working life of the hair. With modern production technology, you can rest assured to use Beauty SHE India hair extension products. It really brings aesthetics and high safety to all users.

Big Love India

Website Of Big Love India
Website Of Big Love India

Big Love India is another hair model supplier that you can choose from in India. This company is located in the heart of South India, it has access to most of the best hair sponsors on the planet.

Here, right after the hair is trimmed, the barber will meticulously and carefully tie the hair by hand, ensuring that the hair is not tangled. Then, the subsequent processing will be much simpler. 

With modern processing technology, Big Love India’s hair models are always highly appreciated by users. High shine is the biggest advantage of these hair sets.

Malaysian hair suppliers

Raw Malaysian hair 

Raw Malaysian Hair
Raw Malaysian Hair

It is a supplier of locally sourced unprocessed raw hair in Malaysia. With these sets, it all comes with a donation-style knot, tied with an elastic band, and is completely clean. It will be washed before cutting. So, the hair will always be shiny and not tangled.

With a mission to bring the best wigs to its customers, this supplier always focuses on selecting the best quality hair. 

As a result, the rate of customer complaints about the company’s product range is very low. At the present time, Raw Malaysian hair is one of the leading major hair distributors in the world.


Is Malaysian hair the best?

Malaysian hair is one of the best hair types available today. It possesses a series of outstanding advantages in Asian hair including extremely good shine and softness. Thanks to that, users can proceed to style and change hair color easily.

Which origin of the hair is the best?

Brazilian hair is the hair that is trusted by many users around the world. Particularly, It possesses excellent softness, durability, and thickness. This hairstyle is a harmonious combination of many different ethnicities including whites and African Americans.

Is Indian hair the best hair?

In fact, Indian hair does not bring great quality to users. Because these hairs mostly have the natural curls of Indians. Therefore, styling is quite difficult for users. It is this restriction that has made many users dislike Indian hair. The set of hair products that can replace Indian hair is Nigerian hair.


Hopefully, this article will help you have an overview of the difference between Malaysian hair and Indian hair. These 2 sets of hair are highly appreciated for their quality and aesthetics for users. Hair distributors always treat them well to help the hair become shiny and more durable even when the ambient temperature fluctuates. However, if you are looking for a hairstyle that can be changed flexibly, then Malaysian hair will be a better choice for you.

If you still have questions, leave a comment so we can get in touch and help you out. 

Feel free to contact us to get more information about hair extensions and Vietnam hair factories through this via phone number (Ms Rosa – sales manager: +84902106091).