Tips To Sleep With Natural Hair Without Frizzing

In today’s article, we will learn together about tips to sleep with natural hair without frizzing. This post is for everybody For many people, before going to bed, they will have to do a lot of different procedures such as skincare, applying masks, using body lotions or if you have a lot of time. More time, you will set aside a fixed amount of your time to meditate and clear your mind. 

So it’s with the body, what about your hair, how should you take care of them? 

If you owns curly or wavy hair, you will feel quite obsessed every time you wake up because it will be messed up and look really ugly.

What to prioritize for your hair before going to bed?

One of the secrets to helping your hair stay in place every time you go to bed is the use of hair rollers. However, they will depend quite a bit on your natural hair quality, thickness as well as how tight the wire is to the hair.

Besides, the time of shampooing will also play a very important role in finding the right hairstyle for your hair. 

As you know, after a night, your hair is easily dry due to the friction of the hair with the blanket, or pillow at night. Using cotton pillows and blankets will have coarse fibers that will pull and break curls as well as strip your hair of its natural moisture. 

If you want to sleep comfortably in your natural hair without frizz, there are a few steps you need to take to moisturize your hair and keep it moist during its rest and relaxation.

Swap out pillowcases for silk or satin 

Silk and satin are the two materials that create the incredibly good mattress quality as they are smooth, low-friction, and curls can be easily removed without a mess every time you sleep. 

Satin Pillowcases Are Beneficial For Hair And Skin
Satin Pillowcases Are Beneficial For Hair And Skin

Besides, they also have hygroscopic properties so that your hair is always extremely natural and retains water, keeping it moist all night long.

The difference between silk and satin is the manufacturing method, the process by which they are created to be distributed to consumers. While silk is a natural fiber, satin is a polyester woven fabric. 

Therefore, satin is often more affordable, more affordable than buying silk. However, the quality of these 2 types with your hair and scalp are both extremely good.

Use hair conditioners

As shared earlier, natural hair is often prone to drying out when you sleep. This means your curls will rub against the pillow, releasing moisture and leaving your hair frizzy and dry. 

Therefore, apply a little conditioner or moisturizing serum to your hair before going to bed to keep your hair moist and smooth. 

Some Good Hair Conditioners
Some Good Hair Conditioners

This will also allow the curls to stay in place the next morning. Besides, after you wash your hair, you should let your hair dry naturally instead of using hot dryers, which will make your hair more prone to breakage and damage. When your hair is dry and wet, you should combine it with a serum and you can lie down and relax after a day of work and activity. 

Use a scrunchie for your hair

Using a scrunchie here will help preserve as much of your curls as possible. When you style any hairstyle, remember to use only loose scrunchies and avoid tying too many times to reduce pressure on the roots, and avoid breakage and kinks in freshly washed curls.

7 Tips To Sleep With Natural Hair Without Frizzing

How to sleep without frizzing hair

Sleep with a satin bonnet

This method is trusted and chosen by many women with natural hair. As shared before, this is also one of the reasons why hair naturally appears frizzy due to friction with your pillow, which will minimize stickiness the next morning.

A satin bonnet will help hold your curls and keep them in place at night to reduce cuticle chafing and help prevent frizz popped up the next morning. 

However, if you don’t have a satin bonnet on hand, you can wrap your curls in a silk or satin scarf which is also extremely useful and provides the same effect.

Try the pineapple or multi-pineapple method

Pineapple Method
Pineapple Method

This method is quite popular with people with naturally curly hair. They consist of gathering all your hair on the top of your head like a pineapple, which you then combine with a satin scarf around the bottom to secure the hair. 

This will ensure your hair stays in place during sleep. Thus, once again, we can see that satin is the key to the quality of the fabric, which easily glides on the hair and does not cause breakage or frizz during the friction process.

However, if you have short hair, you may not be able to get it all together and form a pineapple. 

You should not worry, just gather the curls into sections and form small pineapple bunches. You just need to try to make small pineapples as tall as possible to avoid hair breakage at night.

Use Flexi rods

If you want a glamorous curl in the morning, the Flexi rod is the most suitable and comfortable way to use it while sleeping. 

You just need to divide the hair into different sections and spiral according to each available stick. Then, when you wake up, you put them on and the hair has self-styled and has extremely beautiful curls.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase

Similar to using satin towels, you should also use satin pillowcases. 

Sleeping On The Satin Pillowcase Is Helpful For Hair
Sleeping On The Satin Pillowcase Is Helpful For Hair

The reason is that this satin material will not pull the hair or cause dryness or breakage when sleeping like other types of bedding made of cotton or other synthetic fibers available on the market. school.

If satin hats or satin silk scarves make you worry they might fall off after you sleep, the best solution is to use satin pillows. However, if you feel this is not enough, buy a satin pillowcase to help both your face and scalp stay healthy, and shiny over time. 

Sleep with a low ponytail

Sleeping With Hair In A Bun
Sleeping With Hair In A Bun

If you often lie on your side, a low ponytail will also be a reasonable choice to avoid making your hair tangled and broken.

However, you should not tie them too tightly because they will backfire and cause your hair to create a crease overnight. Therefore, if it is most convenient, use a silk hat and lie down to rest and relax after a long tiring day of work and study.

For those who tend to like to sleep on their backs, this ponytail is not really suitable. Therefore, girls can try to style their hair in a side ponytail instead of a tail, which will make them more comfortable when sleeping.

Try two-strand twists

This should be done on damp hair for the best look the next morning. You divide your hair into 10 – 15 equal sections, then you take each section and split them again and wrap each section together and keep twisting until it’s about 1-2 inches from the bottom and curl the ends with a finger is fine.

Two Strand Twists
Two Strand Twists

Put your hair in Bantu knots

Put Hair In The Bantu Knots
Put Hair In The Bantu Knots

If you are looking for tighter curls, the Bantu knot will be quite suitable, especially for African women with naturally curly hair. The method is quite simple, you just need to divide your hair into about 10-12 equal parts and then twist and wrap them until they form a small bun and then fix it with an elastic band.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Natural Hair Every Morning

Tips to take care of your healthy natural hair
Tips to take care of your healthy natural hair

How to take care of your hair in the morning to be confident going out? 

In the morning, you should use a little bit of your hair conditioner and combine it with a moisturizer to reduce frizz. 

If you tried a pineapple or low ponytail the night before, gently untangle your hair and apply a little serum. You should try to run your fingers through your hair instead of touching them too many times. 

After the curls are able to hold in place, you can use a certain hairpin and use your fingers to correct the loose or frizzy parts of the hair that are out of place. 


Above are the tips to sleep with natural hair without frizzing that the article wants to send to you. As you can see, taking care of your hair at night before going to bed is extremely important, so that the hair does not appear frizzy, let it fall out the next morning. 

Remember not to forget to take care of and correct their appearance for  the next morning to confidently go out to school, work, or go out,…

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