Top 10 Markets For Buying Hair In Nigeria 2024 [Must Read]

It is necessary to discover top 10 markets for buying hair in Nigeria in 2022 because these days, hair market is booming in Nigeria. Hair for Nigerian women is as essential as clothing and jewelry. Hair is also a symbol of social status, money, and happiness.

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when this country has become one of the world’s largest consumers of human hair. Because women here often have short and curly hair, which is difficult to style. That is also why they will look for hair extensions and wigs to change their style. Even women in Nigeria change their hairstyles weekly.

This high demand makes the industry of manufacturing and distributing human hair and wigs become a lucrative piece of cake. However, the competition in terms of costs, taxes, and quality of products makes starting a hair business journey never an easy path.

However, you don’t have to worry too much. Whether you are simply a retail customer with a need to use hair or a merchant who wants to buy at wholesale prices, you can find a reputable address thanks to the list of top 10 markets for buying hair in Nigeria below.

Not only that, at the end of the article, you can also find useful information related to how to choose a reputable market and some answers to frequently asked questions. Interestingly, right? Therefore, scroll gently and start learning now!

Top 10 Markets For Buying Hair In Nigeria

A Nigerian market for buying hair extensions
A Nigerian market for buying hair extensions

In Nigeria, you can find wigs from a variety of sources. However, the price, quality, and style of the supplies will vary greatly, depending on the origin of the hair and the processing and manufacturing method.

The top ten Nigerian hair markets avoid buying hair at a high price, while the quality is not proportional. Whether you want to start your hair business or are simply looking for quality wigs for personal use, you should not miss the names below:

Onitsha Market (Anambra)

Onitsha Market
Onitsha Market (Anambra)

If you are interested in the market in Nigeria, you certainly will know about Onitsha (Anambra) – the largest market in terms of size and number of items.

In particular, one of the most abundant items of the market is wigs. Here you can find many products from many different distributors.

At wholesale prices, at Onitsha market, you can find untreated human hair samples originating from Brazil, India. In addition, some stalls also sell some products such as fluff and non-Remy feathers. Although they may have been treated and styled, the quality is still worth considering.

In addition to providing wigs, the Onitsha market is also a place of interest if you are looking for hair-related accessories. Because the stalls here also offer forehead lace patterns, tight lace, synthetic wigs, and other hair-related accessories.

In terms of price, the products at Onitsha market in general, hair in particular, may not be the best choice for the budget. However, if you are looking for high-end products, especially hair that has not undergone any heat or chemical treatment, these stores at Anambra will certainly not disappoint you.

Balogun Market (Marine, Lagos)

Balogun Market
Balogun Market that is crowded as usual

Located in Lagos, Africa’s most populous city, Balogun Market offers most of the goods you need at affordable prices. Every day, Balogun Market welcomes a large number of relatives, shoppers, and visitors from Lagos and many other regions across Nigeria.

If you only consider hair and related products, you can find the most suitable product by walking around the Balogun market. Because here, bulk traders or small family businesses offer various items, both processed and untreated hair.

In particular, if you choose to buy hair from a bulk merchant, you can freely select products with various designs; you can even order and request products based on your needs according to your standards. However, you also need to note that to enjoy this privilege, the value of your order must be 3,000 Naira or more.

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Ariaria Market (Aba, Abia)

Aba Market
Ariaria Market –  one of the biggest African markets

Market named Ariaria is famous as a market specializing in selling locally produced goods.

In the early days of operation, the market was not appreciated because nearly all products were imitations of low-quality foreign products. Some of the main products of the Ariaria market at that time could be clothes, shoes, bags, and electronics.

However, when discovering the development potential of this market, the government oriented this place to develop into Africa’s large trading market, having an important influence on the country’s economic destiny.

Currently, Ariaria Market is always associated with the hometown name of “made in Aba” and “made in Nigeria” items. The quality of the goods is increasingly guaranteed. Especially when it comes to hair, it’s impossible not to compliment the quality sourcing you can find at the Ariaria market.

Here, you can find quite a few stalls that offer 100% pure natural hair without one-way cuticle treatment. Most distributors here confidently provide products that can be for a long time and allow styling, heat, and chemicals.

Another advantage that makes Ariaria confidently appear in the list of top 10 markets for buying hair in Nigeria is its competitive price. It can be that going to Ariaria and looking for wholesale hair shops here is the ideal choice for anyone who intends to do hair business in Nigeria.

Last but not least, the vendors at Ariaria market are also known for their friendliness and enthusiasm. 

They not only provide users with the highest quality products at the most affordable prices on the market but also provide a lot of free advice and pretty good after-sales service. 

Therefore, if you are looking for the most enjoyable shopping experience in Nigeria, don’t forget to stop by Ariaria Market.

Alaba International Market (Lagos)

Alaba International Market
Alaba International Market – a part of this global market in Nigeria

This international market is probably too famous for electronics and home appliances. However, did you know that this place is also one of the largest hair distribution markets? Even Alaba is proud to be the largest original hair market in Nigeria and South Africa.

It is impossible not to mention the supply of quality hair from countries like India and Vietnam to make this success. Hair donors in these countries often have long, straight hair. Besides, they also do not often style their hair with heat or chemicals.

Therefore, it can be that the hair supply of the Alaba international market is both quality assurance, aesthetic and durable.

Oshodi Market (Lagos)

Oshodi Market In Lagos
Oshodi Market during the peak hours

The Oshodi Market has a capacity of more than 600 shops, attracting traders from a wide range of fields, from those selling food and fruit to those selling hair and related accessories.

Another advantage that you should visit Oshodi if you have a chance is that the prices of goods here are quite affordable. However, you should also note that the phenomenon of pickpocketing and snatching bags in Oshodi is still quite common. Therefore, you should be vigilant to avoid damage when buying and selling here in the shopping process.

Jankara Market (Lagos)

Jankara Market
Jankara Market with busy individuals doing their own job

It is famous as a market that offers a variety of products, from fabrics, beads, jewelry to pottery, and especially wigs.

Whether your need is untreated or pre-styled hair, the merchants at Jankara can provide you with a wide range of high-quality products.

In particular, the merchants at Jankara are also quick to grasp trends and technologies, so they always ensure to provide products with the latest styles, responding to fashion trends. 

From wigs, lace wigs, Senegalese or box braided lace wigs, or Remi hair, the number of styles and designs that the stores at Jankara can offer will surely surprise you.

In particular, the salespeople here are always ready to give advice, dedicated and thoughtful advice to choose the right product for themselves. It can be that with Jankara Market, you will have the best shopping experience.

Tejuosho Market/Yaba

A Part Of Yaba Market
Tejuosho Market – a big scale market

It would be remiss if the list of top 10 markets for buying hair in Nigeria did not include Tejuosho / Yaba because this modern market converges all factors to become a reliable, quality address, meeting all buyers’ requirements.

Previously, Tejuosho was a noisy market of small scale. But now, after many years of development, Tejuosho is proud to be one of the most modern markets in Nigeria.

Not only impressive with its clean and modern shopping space, but Tejuosho market is also famous for a huge amount of goods, including curtains, clothes, jewelry, and hair. You can find quite a few gold shops or people who provide dollar exchange services.

If you only consider the most interesting item, hair, then Tejuosho Market will not disappoint you.

The hair wholesalers here specialize in providing high-quality products from reputable sources. 

Not only stopping there, but manufacturers also always try to maximize cost-effectiveness, bringing wigs closer to users. If you are someone who wants to enter the market for this type of merchandise, you will certainly benefit from shopping at the shops in Tejuosho.

Another small note you will need: if possible, you should visit the market at night. The bustle of merchants and customers here will surely make you excited. However, while immersing in the local atmosphere of this market, do not forget about potential safety hazards such as robbers and pickpockets.


Oyingbo Market - the oldest market in Lagos
Oyingbo Market – the oldest market in Lagos

It is the oldest market on Lagos Island, located between the island and the mainland. The starting point of this market is to trade food. Every day, the market imports a lot of fruit by road from northern Nigeria. Besides, this place is also a place to supply prestigious honey, herbs, and materials.

In addition to providing food, this place has now expanded its scope of activities when attracting food merchants and many other important items, including wigs.

A special feature of the wig shops here is that the wig supply mainly comes from Vietnam. Therefore, when browsing through the shops in Oyingbo, you can be completely satisfied with the shine and outstanding quality of your hair.

At there, most of the merchants can communicate in English. This advantage is a plus point that helps this old market attract many tourists or international traders.

Aswani (Lagos)

Aswani Market with items at an affordable price
Aswani Market with items at an affordable price

If you are in Lagos, you should visit the Aswani market. Because here, you can buy items at surprisingly low prices.

It is an interesting fact that the reputation of this market mainly comes from selling used goods at very affordable prices. For example clothes, you can find products that cost only 100 NGN. Or you can also bring old electronics to the market for repair at a relatively affordable cost.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find new items at Aswani. There are still quite a few shops specializing in providing bags, clothes, and specially used wigs.

Besides paying attention to the type of items, you also need to pay attention to the operating schedule of this market. 

Specifically, Monday is a day dedicated to selling clothes and bags. If you want to look for hair supplies, you need to return to the market on Tuesday. 

Whether you’re looking for coarse hair or pre-styled and colored products from Tuesday through the end of the week, the merchants at Aswani have everything you need.

Idumota Market, Lagos Island, Lagos

People go to Idumota Market - top 10 Markets For Buying Hair In Nigeria 2022
People go to Idumota Market

If you are in Lagos and do not want to go too far from the center, you can find wigs at Idumota market – one of the oldest markets in Lagos.

The hair products at this market are always famous for their smooth texture and safe for reuse. In addition, many merchants here also offer products that allow you to comfortably apply heat and chemistry to style and refresh your appearance.

The Idumota Market is one of the few places where you can find products that can maintain their beauty for a long time at the most affordable price.

Criteria To Figure Out The Best Market For Buying Hair In Nigeria

3 primary criteria to identify the best market to buy hair in Nigeria
3 primary criteria to identify the best market to buy hair in Nigeria

The above is a fairly complete list of the most reputable and quality distributors in Nigeria up to the present time. In case you want to check the quality as well as wish to find out for yourself the best market to start your journey with wigs, you can refer to a series of criteria below:


Considering price factors
Considering price factors

Cost is always the first factor to consider when choosing to buy hair. In particular, if you want to do a large volume business, you will need to prioritize brands that specialize in providing low-cost products.

Because most hair in Nigeria is imported, the product’s price will depend on many factors related to transportation, such as delivery costs and logistics costs.

For example, brands that produce human hair have direct factories in Nigeria with manufacturers from Asia. The cost to build Nigerian hair companies is higher. However, considering the overall cost, companies with factories located in Nigeria have many advantages because they do not have to bear the cost of transportation.

In addition, domestic companies have another advantage worth considering is that they can accurately verify customer information. Since then, they have a separate business and product strategy, focusing only on developing hair types with high market demand in reasonable quantities. Therefore, domestic companies will not have too much trouble with the phenomenon of inventory, thereby reducing unnecessary costs.

While price plays an important role, it is not the only factor to consider when choosing a distributor.


2 points should be kept in mind when considering quality factor
2 points should be kept in mind when considering quality factor

Price always goes hand in hand with quality. While there are some exceptions, this mindset should influence your selection process.


Gruda hair products
Gruda hair products

When buying hair and paying attention to personal interests, you also need to care about the customer’s experience. When you balance these two issues of interest, you have grasped the key to success.

So the question here is, how to determine the quality of the hair?

There are two main types of hair extensions: natural hair and artificial hair. Natural hair is always the first choice because of its high quality and attractive appearance. Meanwhile, although synthetic hair is cheaper, it isn’t easy to bring the natural effect as desired by the user.

In terms of natural hair, you also need to pay attention to many issues. One of the most accurate evaluation criteria for quality is the origin.

Countries like Vietnam, India, and China are always famous for their thick, straight, and silky hair. Through careful research and selection, distributors will select products with the highest quality.

In addition, the condition of the hair is also one of the factors affecting the quality of the resulting product. It is no coincidence that hair samples that have not been heat-treated chemically have the highest prices. Because of the purity of the product, it promises to help users comfortably style and use it for a long time.

Diversity of hair products

Various hair products
Various hair products
Various hair products
Various hair products

Last but not least: you should prioritize suppliers who can bring different hair types.

A supplier with a diverse product portfolio can meet all user needs well. More than simply a hairstyle, a trusted brand needs to have its own design so that products from the majority of Asian origin can harmonize and enhance the unique beauty of African women. 


With the list and instructions above, you are confident to be able to choose the most suitable market to buy hair in Nigeria? If you are still unsure, it may be time to clear up a bunch of lingering questions before proceeding with your selection and order:

How much can I use to start a hair business in Nigeria?

To start a business journey, you will need to take care of two main issues: renting a store and preparing the source of goods.

Depending on the location, the rent of a store in Nigeria can be as little as N100,000. If you develop an online business model, renting space will translate into the cost of building and promoting, and maintaining the website.

Meanwhile, depending on the size of your business and the manufacturer you work with, the investment cost for your initial goods will probably be in the range of N500,000.

Where do Nigerian hair vendors get their hair from?

Along with domestic hair, imported hair is the main source of wholesale hair in Nigeria.

Normally, most countries that export hair to Nigeria come from Asia, such as Vietnam, China, India, etc.

Which country sells the best human hair?

Hong Kong is a country known for its incredible hair quality and output. In 2020 alone, Hong Kong’s trading profit from this item reached US$53.3 million, far surpassing second-ranked Malaysia with US$33.9 million.

How can you tell the quality of human hair?

Try running your hands through your hair, letting your fingers slide freely. A good quality product is smooth, and fingers are not obstructed during the test.

Which country buys the most hair extensions?

The United States is the country that buys hair-related products in the largest quantity. Second and third are China and the European Union, respectively.


There are quite a few things that can go wrong during your hair purchase. Some of the most common serious problems can include product quality, not as promised before, fraud through online deposit methods, and price fluctuations.

Of course, you can hardly be sure that you can completely avoid all of these troubles.

However, with the list of top 10 markets for buy hair in Nigeria, along with instructions and detailed answers to all related questions, we hope you can find a reputable, quality product supplier. From there, you will be satisfied with your choice and minimize the problems that affect your finances and the user experience.

If you have any further questions, please contact us directly via the available email address. We will try to give the most comprehensive and complete answers.

Finally, do not forget to share this article with your colleagues or friends who are in need of wholesale this item. Chances are it will help them choose the most reliable partner.

The hair sources that Nigerian hair sellers imports are usually from Asian nations such as Vietnam, China and India. To get more detailed information about importing natural hair extensions from Vietnam, you must look through this post.

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