Top 10 best Vietnam hair factories

Vietnam hair factories is emerging as one of the potential competitors in the global hair industry. Realizing the positive prospects in this field, many Vietnamese people and companies are entering into it. Among numerous factories, you have many choices that make it difficult for you to find a reliable hair factory. Do not worry because I am here for you. Here is a list of the top 10 hair manufacturers in Vietnam providing the best hair quality and the best price. You can completely trust them. And these companies that I believe would become trustworthy partners and friends with you. 

Top best 10 Vietnam hair factories

  1. Gruda Hair
  2. Hanossa Hair
  3. VQ Hair
  4. LuxShine
  5. Sunny Hair
  6. McSara
  7. Apo
  8. Queen Hair

This list is an objective result of the vote of wholesale hair sellers in the world. 10 best hair Vietnamese distributors are based on top-notch product quality, affordable price, positive feedback and good customer service.

Here is the list of 10 best Vietnamese hair factories

Gruda Hair – Top 1 Vietnam Hair Factory

Vision and Goal

Hair factory called Gruda
Gruda Hair Factory

Gruda Hair always commits to its mission “Never sell bad products that ruin your hair business”. Entering into the hair industry more than 10 years, Gruda is proud and confident to cooperate and develop with customers. With a high level of prestige and quality, Gruda becomes a reliable supplier to over 3000 wholesale and retail hair customers all over the world. 

Gruda deeply realizes that hair extensions made from mixed synthetic fiber or second-rate are two of the biggest factors leading to poor quality of hair and terrible experience for customers. Therefore, the establishment of Gruda Hair is to bring an incredibly natural look, confidence and a sense of happiness to all the women out there.

Gruda Hair’s goal is to bring customers wonderful experience with owning a natural look as well as help others start hair business. Gruda Hair desires to build a bright future with all of its customers. 


Gruda Hair hopes that every woman using its products always feels confident and vibrant due to natural look with long and voluminous hair. Prioritizing customers’ experience, Gruda Hair only provides products with 2 main qualities: Virgin human hair (the hair collected from only one donor) and Remy human hair (the hair collected from two or more people and every strand goes in the same direction)

Besides, Gruda Hair offers a wide range of selections allowing customers to consider and pick up hair extensions they love. 

They are: wigs, bulk hair, hair extension wefts, clip-in hair extensions, tip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, closures, frontals, ponytails and so on.

Accompanying hair types, there are a large number of hairstyles you can unlimitedly choose:  From straight hair to curly hair, natural color hair to bleached or dyed hair. Some of the significant hairstyles are bone straight hair, pixie hair, afro kinky hair and body wavy hair, and full of color choices: piano, choco brown, blond, red wine and so on.

hairstyles of hair extension in Gruda
Numerous hairstyles in Gruda Hair Factory
Many colors for hair in Gruda Hair
Color collection of hair in Gruda Hair Factory


Gruda Hair has numerous loyal wholesale and retail customers coming from countries in the world: Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, US – UK…

Here are some positive feedback that costumes send to Gruda Hair.

Fb From Nigeria
Customer’s feedback from Nigeria
Fb From SA
Customer’s feedback from South Africa
Fg From Ghana
Customer Feedback’s from Ghana

Customer service

Sales managers are always available to support and care for customers. 


Gruda Hair grows a tradition to always send promotions, special discounts or even newly produced hairs to the loyal customers. They are regarded as a gift to express gratitude and deepen relationships because customers believe and buy hair extensions from Gruda. 

Moreover, Gruda Hair generously provides supporting policies for customers such as insurance policy, shipping policy…


Hanossa Hair – A reliable Vietnam hair factory

Hanossa Hair
Hanossa Hair – a reliable supplier

One of the most trustworthy natural hair extension manufacturers in Vietnam is Hanossa Hair. Having more than 13 years of experience in hair industry, Hanossa hair can thoroughly understand the diverse expectations, worries and needs of customers. 

Vision and Goal

It is clear that the hair market is increasingly competitive in the current age because it can bring enormous profits for sellers. With the mission of offering hair extensions with great beauty, top-notch quality and affordable products to customers. Hanossa Hair is making great efforts to assert its name on the global stage. 


Hanossa Hair provides 100% natural hair collected from Vietnamese women in bulk and machine weft with high quality without experiencing any chemical treatment. Therefore, Hanossa promises that customers can feel secure when using its hair. 

Hanossa Hair supplies numerous types of products, including machine weft extension, hand-tied weft extension, tape hair extension, keratin hair extension, pre-bonded hair extension, flip-in hair extension and so on. 

Products Of Hanossa Hair
Hair extensions of Hanossa Hair


Actually, the loyal customers of Hanossa Hair are mainly from European nations; however, Hanossa is also a reliable distributor to wholesalers and retailers in other countries such as Nigeria, Mexico, the US and so on. 

Because of the best high quality in products, Hanossa gains enormous support and trust from customers all over the world because customers in Europe or America are viewed as picky. They are difficult to satisfy, but Hanossa successfully meets their demands. Therefore, this can prove Hanossa’s prestige and product quality.

Customer sevice

Sales managers in Hanossa are always willing to support and answer any questions of customers. 


Besides, to thank customers for their trust, Hanossa carries out some pleasant policies for customers such as:  guarantee policy, insurance policy, shipping policy... Hanossa also offers promotions and special discounts and then sends it through e-mail for customers. 

Hanossa products are delivered globally to Europe, many countries in Asia, Mexico, Russia, Thailand…


VQ Hair

Vietnam Hair Factory
Employees in VQ Hair are working

During 15 years of working in the hair industry, VQ Hair relentlessly endeavors to bring the best fulfillment: making customers satisfied and blissful. These days, VQ Hair is one of the best virgin hair companies in Vietnam. 

VQ Hair always improves our vision and mission in order to foster more and become the world’s leading human hair exporter through the contribution of customers about feedback and reviews. It closely attaches to the commitment it makes itself that VQ Hair constantly strives to improve the quality of our products in order to maintain our clients’ trust.


The market size VQ Hair is on the global scale. It exports and sells human hair extensions around the world: Germany, Russia, Israel, Italy, France, Brazil…

Hair extensions of VQ hair are so diverse and can successfully meet customers’ demands. Moreover, the prices of VQ’s products are completely affordable. They are in a fierce competition with other groups.

Products in VQ Hair
Hair extensions of VQ Hair

The transportation time and conveyance strategies are basic and quick: Choose an item – Send request – Confirm all 

VQ Hair has experience trading raw hair, virgin hair, and Asian human hair with a variety of countries throughout the world. Their products come in a variety of colors and sizes. Hair can mix nicely with ladies, and the surface is consistently at its best. VQ Hair is a Vietnamese hair salon with a representative office in Hanoi if you’re in Vietnam.


LuxShine – One of the rising Vietnam hair factories

LuxShine is a young Vietnamese hair trader that sells raw hair. In terms of legal status, this Vietnamese wholesale hair supplier was founded in 2013. 

LuxShine is a rising brand with ambitions to expand into foreign markets. It offers a variety of goods in varying lengths, hues, textures, and thicknesses. The brand emphasizes delivering 100% Remy hair from 100% Vietnamese ladies. In general, this indicates that quality will not be compromised.


Each item comes in a range of textures and styles. Every product has a price range based on length, strand count, and color. To get a better deal, it is a good idea for customers to place a large order. They provide excellent customer service and have a well-equipped call center.

Best selling products of LuxShine


Sunny Hair – One of the most reliable Vietnam hair factories

Sunny Vietnam Hair is the premium hair manufacturing company in Vietnam, providing high-quality products and services to hair sellers, vendors or online store owners around the world.

More than 10 years dedicated to this industry, Sunny is increasingly successful and has a high position in Vietnam’s market. Indeed, Sunny Hair’s ultimate aim is to become the top global manufacturer for all countries. 

One interesting thing about Sunny Hair is that it creates hundreds of styling tutorials and hair care guides so that customers,  especially those who are newcomers, can get the hair of their dreams. 

Like Gruda and Hasonna, Sunny’ mission is to enhance confidence, empower customers to look and feel your best. Customers are the center of everything Sunny Hair does.


Sunny Hair
Hair extensions from Sunny Hair

Sunny Hair provides natural hair extensions to wholesalers, hair sellers, retailers, beauty or hair sales, online stores and hair stylists around the world. 

The hair of Sunny is harvested directly from healthy women living in Vietnam, Cambodia, Lao or even in Myanmar. Based on the thickness of hair, Sunny divides hair into 3 grades: single drawn hair, double drawn hair, and super double drawn. Therefore, the material quality of hair extensions in Sunny is diverse and can meet customers’ expectations easily because they offer a wide range of hairstyles for customers to choose. Hair is really strong and silky so it is durable and versatile. 

Hair extensions in Sunny are numerous, and can satisfy customers’ needs such as: clip-in, keratin, tape, weft, and bulk hair.



McSara is another well-known human hair extension brand. It was founded in 2014 and has been steadily developing since then. The Middle East, Latin America, and Africa are their key markets. The brand offers high-quality hair at a reasonable price. Additionally, the hair is 100 percent real and has never been chemically treated or colored.


Clients can choose from a variety of styles, such as straight, wavy, and so on, with varying degrees of color. McSara hair ranges in length from 6 inches to 32 inches, and she also offers hair to Vietnamese hair salons.

McSara hair factory is proficient in applying innovative technology to produce hair because machines weave the hair extensions for higher quality and consistency. Therefore, it can offer a wide variety of hair textures and lengths. Hairs are available in real places, and customers can place orders online by visiting the website.

Hair From Sara
Some hair extensions from McSara


Apo – Top hair extension manufacturer

systems of producing and distributing hair in vietnam hair
Apo Hair factory

Having more than 25 years of experience in human hair production, Apo is confident to become a reliable partner and friend with all customers. Apo is a hair extension manufacturer, gaining a good reputation in hair industry. With many years of committing to this field, Apo is a reliable and experienced hair suppliers for all customers. These days, Apo hair takes pride in itself because it becomes one of the biggest hair extensions suppliers in South East Asia. 100% human hairs of Apo is ethically collected from with a fairly-paid amount of money.

Apart from that, Apo is one of the rarest companies in Vietnam, actively hold and joining in charity events such as: participating in actions against Child Labor, contributing to support the poor and victims of natural disasters, empowering women actions and so on.


Apo offers you a wide range of selections of hair extensions from tape hair, weave hair, keratin hair and other hair extensions. Specifically, they are tape-in, invisible tape, V-tip Hair, I-tip Hair, U-tip Hair, Microlink, Nano ring, Machine Weft, Bulk Hair, Hand-tied Weft and so on.

Here are some photos of Apo’s products. There are many different hair extensions, you can visit the website to know more.

Weave Hair of Apo
Weave Hair from Apo
Tape In hair extension
Tape In from Apo


Many customers of Apo come from Europe, North America and South America.

Here are some positive feedbacks that customers give to Apo:

comments for vetnam hair factories
Feedback from customers


Queen Hair – A newly-launched reliable Vietnamese hair factories

Unlike above Vietnam hair factories that have many years in hair industry, Queen Hair only has appeared in some recent years. Despite being young, Queen Hair has a great influence and position in this field. With the relentless effort of all staff and employers, Queen Hair gradually assert its name in hair extension in this field.


Queen Hair provides customers with premium products with 100% natural hair at the affordable prices. With the enthusiastic customer service and high-quality hair extensions, Queen Hair always receive a lot of compliments from customers.

Many types of hair in Queen Hair are natural in all colors and textures. They are: weft hair, bulk hair, closure, frontal, keratin, clip in, wig and so on. Additionally, Queen Hair has a variety of hairstyles and colors, giving customers more choices.

Here are some photo of products in Queen Hair:

Types Of Hair in queen hair
Types Of Hair Extension in Queen Hair
several hairstyles in Queen Hair
Smooth and Beautiful Hair in Queen Hair



In the current age, hair market is an extremely profitable market that can strongly encourage you to start your own hair business. However, the important thing that you have to keep in mind is what factories you should choose. In the hair industry, factories supplying hair are a vital factor that can decide your success or failure. As a result, it is incredibly necessary for you to choose a reliable partner to co-operate. I always believe that if you can find a trustworthy supplier, it is your first success when engaging yourself into this field. All the reliable Vietnamese hair factories are listed above. Your responsibility is to read this report carefully and then decide which factories to work with. I hope you will have a good start!!

To get more information, feel free to contact us: Ms. Sophia (Whatsapp: +84901365892). Our sales managers are always available to support and provide information about products for you.

I am happy because I can provide you with the best service and high-quality products.