Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair: An Ultimate Guide!

A post talking an in-depth view about Vietnamese Bone Straight hair, don’t miss it out. Bone Straight is always the most basic hairstyle, enhancing your feminine beauty. Besides, this hairstyle is also very easy to style and easy to keep. Thanks to choosing Bone Straight hair, you will have a look that will never be outdated.

Vietnam is now emerging as a country specializing in providing the best quality hair source. If you are still skeptical about Vietnamese Bone Straight hair, immediately refer to some useful information below:

Overview Of Vietnam Bone Straight Hair

Hair industry is booming all over the world. In the big hair business, there are many types of products. This post will provide you with all about Vietnam Bone Straight Hair. Before exploring about Vietnam Bone Straight Hair, you can look through common information about Bone Straight Hair first. Here is the post: What Is A Bone Straight Hair? Everything You Need To Know About

Known as a source of the best quality hair, but do you know why hair from Vietnam is so appreciated? Here is some information you need to know:

What is Vietnamese Bone Straight hair?

Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair
Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair

The product’s design easily confuses users who do not learn carefully with normal straight hair. However, the differences between Straight and Bone straight hair lie in the smoothness,, and long-term maintenance of bone straight hair.

To create the above visual impression, suppliers used chemicals and heat and force from machines.

However, Vietnamese Bone Straight is different. This hair type is 100% derived from natural human hair in Vietnam.

That is also why products from this country have high quality and outstanding durability. Even if you know how to use and maintain it, a wig from Vietnam can last for 3-5 years without damage.

Thanks to the above advantages, it is quite understandable that Nigeria and other African countries are quite fond of this hairstyle.

Origin of Vietnam bone straight hair

In Vietnam, Hairs used to produce hair extensions and wigs in generally are totally100% natural. They are primarily collected from Vietnamese women who live in the remote or mountainous areas. Sometimes, in some situations, women also donate their hair to some charities.  

Those Vietnamese women live in the mountainous parts of my nation, Vietnam. These areas include Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lang Son, and numerous other provinces where Vietnamese women have a tradition of growing long hair to sell. Because these are developing or even underdeveloped provinces of my country, many people live in insufficient or even impoverished conditions to supplement their family’s income. These women range in age from 16 to 40-50 years old, and they take care of their hair naturally in their daily lives, without shampoo or treatment items.

The sources of hair come from such a limited location and donor, we can ensure that the hair quality is always excellent. And Vietnamese bone straight hair is produced from this source.

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Demand or Vietnam bone straight hair

In African countries, Vietnamese straight hair makes a pretty good impression. In countries like Nigeria, Congo, South Africa, Ghana, the demand for this hairstyle has relentlessly increased.

Especially under Western fashion style, the human hair market, with more than 400 million young women in Africa, is a fertile land.

Features of Vietnam bone straight hair

Features of Vietnam Bone Straight Hair
Features of Vietnam Bone Straight Hair

But before starting a Vietnamese hair business or simply owning a product of your own, you need to consider a series of features of this item:

  • This hair type requires no styling: You can maintain a stunning look without worrying about tangles with its superb straightness.
  • Inability to bend: This feature can be a drawback if you want to change your appearance. It’s almost impossible to keep curls in place. It can be that this hairstyle is not suitable for using curls and curling irons.
  • Always maintain a smooth beauty: This hair type is somewhat thin and no less bouncy compared to natural hair. However, the product can undeniably maintain a smooth appearance in the long run.
  • Should not be dyed: With this hairstyle, you can hardly have the right color when dyeing. Especially with bright blondes, straight hair cannot achieve the desired results.

Types of Bone Straight Hair

Although they all share common characteristics, smooth, long-lasting, straight hair with bones also has many different product types.

You will often encounter three main types of products:

Single Drawn

Vietnam Single drawn and Double drawn hair
Vietnam Single drawn and Double drawn hair

With this hairstyle, you can expect the amount of hair of similar length and thickness to account for 30-40%. The rest will consist of yarns of shorter or longer distances.

Because of the above texture, this hairstyle is usually thick at the top and thin at the end. As a result, the cost of the product is not too high.

Double Drawn

Unlike Single Drawn, the texture of Double Drawn will consist of 60 – 70% hair of the same length and thickness. As a result, this product will have a fairly full top and middle.

With the above structure, these products are more like reality, and of course, the price is also significantly higher than the Single Drawn version.

Super Double Drawn

Vietnam Super Double Drawn hair
Vietnam Super Double Drawn hair

As the name suggests, compared to the previous two versions, Super double drawn is the thickest and heaviest when it has 80-90% of hairs of the same length.

With the above impressive density, it is not difficult to understand that Super double drawn brings the most natural feeling. That’s why Super double drawn is the most expensive option.

How To Take Care Of Vietnamese Bone Straight hair

Ways to keep Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair in a good condition
Ways to keep Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair in a good condition

Love the naturalness of hair, but in addition to caring about products, you need to take care of and preserve it regularly.

Fortunately, the care and maintenance of the product doesn’t take too much of your time. As long as you form the habit of doing the following tips, you will maintain the smooth appearance of your wig:

Maintaining bone straight hair through daily combing.

Brushing hair is a daily routine for most women. But did you know that wigs also need regular brushing to keep their smoothness?

This habit will save you a lot of time and effort than washing your hair every day, and Even this method helps you keep the hold for as long as possible.

There are a few tips to help you brush your hair properly.

  • First, twice a day is the ideal frequency for optimal results.
  • Second, you should brush your hair when you first wake up or when exposed to strong winds – cases where the hair is most prone to tangles.
  • Finally, don’t skip the comb selection step. A comb pattern that can both smooth and straighten will be the best choice.

Use shampoos and hair conditioners

When owning hair extensions, you should consider changing shampoo and conditioner.

Because if you weren’t too concerned with these cleaning products before and accidentally used too strong detergents, you would unknowingly hurt the hair extensions – weak hair and need careful care. 

Therefore, if you want to maintain long-term smoothness, look to specialized shampoos and conditioners.

Using straightener

You can use a straightener to maintain smooth straightness. However, since this device works on heat – one of the factors that can dry out hair. Therefore, you need to use the device correctly not to damage the product.

Here is the ideal procedure so you can both improve the quality of your hair and prevent damage:

  • First, you can cut the ends of your hair – where frequent tangles can affect your straightening process.
  • Next, don’t forget to adjust the device’s temperature again. The safest temperature would be between 25 and 30 degrees. Not only stopping there, but during use, you also need to monitor the temperature regularly.
  • After completing the preparation steps, you can start straightening your hair from the top down.

Using Dryer

After washing, many people will have the habit of drying their hair. However, it would help if you did not directly use a hairdryer for wigs to maintain a smooth beauty.

Instead, try a foam wrap to dry your hair naturally. After just one application of this method, you can immediately notice the unexpected effect of keeping the style and protecting the hair from high temperatures.

If you still want to use the dryer, remember to always set the device to the lowest temperature setting to avoid causing unnecessary damage.


The above information has mentioned the nature, classification, and care of Vietnamese Bone Straight hair. However, because it is a fairly broad field and has a lot of growth potential, you will likely have many questions about this type of product.

And here are the answers to some of those questions:

Why is it called bone straight hair?

The name of this product style comes from its flat, straight, non-flexible nature and does not require styling. And true to the title, the product cannot curl, not suitable for use with curling rollers or curling irons.

How much does Vietnam bone straight hair price?

As mentioned, prices of Bone Straight Hair depend on the classification. Products with a higher proportion of hair of the same length and thickness will have a higher price and vice versa.

The market recognizes that the minimum price for owning a high-quality Vietnam bone straight hair is about $11/piece.

Is bone straight hair synthetic?

Beyond bone straight hair derived entirely from natural human hair, you can also find several artificial origin products.

Manufacturers will process artificial fibers such as nylon and acrylic with chemicals to create products of this type. After a multi-step process, a product with a style, texture, and color that closely resembles natural human hair is born.

Also, because of large-scale production, these products are quite cheap. And it is not difficult for you to find these artificial products on the market.

How much does Vietnamese bone straight hair cost?

Considering the price of Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair, there are a wide range of prices depending on thickness and length.

I will show you the price table of Gruda Hair. You can refer to make the best decision for you.

Single drawn price

The price of Vietnamese Bone straight hair with Single drawn grade
The price of Vietnamese Bone straight hair with Single drawn grade

Double drawn price

The price of Vietnamese Bone straight hair with Double drawn grade
The price of Vietnamese Bone straight hair with Double drawn grade

Super double drawn price

The price of Vietnamese Bone straight hair with Super double drawn grade
The price of Vietnamese Bone straight hair with Super double drawn grade

Where to buy Bone Straight Hair in Vietnam?

Vietnamese hair factory – Gruda Hair
Vietnamese hair factory – Gruda Hair

The best address I want to recommend to you is Gruda Hair – a reliable Vietnamese hair factory. Gruda Hair is a leading Vietnamese hair factory that was established in 2008. Over time, it has grown to become one of Vietnam’s major makers of raw weft and hair extensions. When it comes to this field, it maintains a stable place on the international stage. Gruda Hair’s mission is to develop hair extensions of the highest quality in order to live up to customers’ expectations and enhance the beauty of all ladies across the world. Gruda Hair has faithful consumers from all over the world, including the United States, Nigeria, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, which is indisputable evidence of its reputation and position in the hair sector.

Gruda Hair offers a wide range of selections for clients, regarding color, hairstyles and even price to satisfy customers. Therefore, customers are able to have countless chances and pick up any hair extensions they love. Considering hair types, they are: wigs, bulk hair, hair extension wefts, clip-in hair extensions, tip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, closures, frontals, ponytails and so on with different styles and vibrant colors. Accompanying hair types, there are a large number of hairstyles clients can unlimitedly choose: from straight hair to curly hair, natural color hair to bleached or dyed hair. Some of the significant hairstyles are bone straight hair, pixie hair, afro kinky hair and body wavy hair, etc full of color choices: piano, choco brown, blond, red wine and so on.

Here are some products of Gruda Hair, you can refer to:

Various products from Gruda Hair - a reliable Vietnamese hair factory
Various products from Gruda Hair – a reliable Vietnamese hair factory
Various products from Gruda Hair - a reliable Vietnamese hair factory
Various products from Gruda Hair – a reliable Vietnamese hair factory


Although there are many hair-related products currently on the market, Vietnamese Bone Straight hair is undeniably still one of the best choices today when it has quite impressive quality. It’s also quite affordable.

If you still have any related questions, don’t forget to leave a comment right in the section below so that we can promptly give the most appropriate answer. Finally, do not forget to share this article with those interested. Chances are it will help them choose the most reliable partner.

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