Vietnamese Remy Hair Extension: Top 5 Factories Suppliers

Vietnamese Remy hair extension suppliers will be introduced in this post. If you are a newcomer who want to start your hair business or a person who is looking for reliable hair distributors, check it out now!

In the case, you have an interest in hair extensions, you can see that Remy is currently the boom of the hair extension market, from dyeing and styling to treatment and relaxation. 

Perhaps it is also because of this that there are many distributors and suppliers of hair extensions from different countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Peru, Cambodia, and China.

Vietnamese Remy Hair extension is considered the primary resource. Today, we will learn more about the Vietnamese Remy Hair extension together.

All about Vietnamese Remy Hair

Remy Hair Vietnamese Hair Extensions
Remy Hair Vietnamese Hair Extensions

Vietnamese Remy Hair extension is currently considered the first choice for hair extension products with the advantages of high quality, perfect texture, and the ability to combine well with colored hair. 

What is Vietnamese Remy Hair?

These days, Vietnam is one of the best hair distributors and suppliers globally in recent years. The main advantage is that the natural hair of the Vietnamese people is shiny black. Therefore, they are straightforward to combine harmoniously with hair extensions.

The quality of Vietnamese hair is always commented as smooth and beautiful and has good durability. Meanwhile, the price of Vietnamese hair is always extremely reasonable in the market, and anyone can buy it. From only $89, you can own a kilogram of Remy made in Vietnam hair with a lifespan of 3-5 years. If you are a person who knows how to take care of them and take care of them, the life of the hair can even be longer.

Remy hair is 100% human hair and is always considered a luxury hair in Vietnam. Specifically, hair sources from a group of people with similar characteristics. All hairs are in the unilateral direction of the cuticle, and the roots are always in one order.

The characteristics of Vietnamese Remy Hair

You can use Vietnamese Remy Hair to connect because looking at them will give the user quite a natural feeling. Vietnamese Remy hair can survive for a long time with durability over time. Unlike other hair substances that will be pretty greasy quickly, hair can grow in many different directions and is difficult to style or do whatever you want.

However, this Remy hair is exceptionally soft and does not appear frizzy. They can be bleached, and the ability to color is relatively standard when dyeing. Therefore, this type of Remy’s hair is always a top priority for hair extensions. To sum up, there are several remarkable characteristics of Vietnamese Remy Hair

Outstanding Features Of Vietnamese Remy Hair
Outstanding Features Of Vietnamese Remy Hair
  • Have a top-notch quality of because hair sources are 100% natural human hair
  • Long lifespan because of its durability and no chemical treatment
  • Versatility because Vietnamese Remy hair can be styles in diverse ways
  • Affordability because of the low-cost production 

How to keep Vietnamese hair under proper conditions

To be able to keep the Vietnamese Remy Hair extension in proper condition, you need to pay attention to the following issues:

  • It is to use a wooden comb for the Vietnamese Remy Hair extension. Besides, you should also regularly brush your hair to untangle them and facilitate daily use gently.
  • Don’t forget to take care of Vietnamese Remy Hair extension just like your natural hair, by using quality shampoo and conditioner to keep Remy’s hair as smooth and shiny as it was first purchased.
  • With this type of hair, you can create simple styles at home, such as thin bangs, and comfortably use heat machines without worrying about hair conditions. However, you should remember that do not apply excessive heat, you should you heat protection sprays to reduce the amount of damage caused by hair. 

Remy hair or Non-Remy hair?

Remy Hair VS Non Remy Hair
Remy Hair VS Non Remy Hair

There are 3 main types of hair extensions on the market: virgin hair, Remy hair, and non-Remy hair. Each type of hair has its characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Here is some basic information that we want to send to you:

Non-Remy hair is also 100% natural human hair but taken from many different sources. Many manufacturers buy them at small barbershops or large hair salons. Perhaps because of this, non-Remy hair is quite prone to tangles and frizz after use.

The reason is that this type of hair is hair without a cuticle, and they will have to go through an acidic chemical process to remove the cuticle. The high concentration of acids that manufacturers use leads to the reduction in natural moisture, and the hair fibers will turn into silk fibers. 

To cover that defect, this hair type will be coated with an extra layer of silicone to keep the hair shiny and smoother than the first. However, chemicals will also be washed away with washing, styling, and making non-Remy hair extensions not durable over time. Perhaps, that is also why hairstylists always recommend this hair type not to dye, style too much, and not stable over time.

How to tell them all apart?

The difference between Remy & non-Remy hair will be shown in the table below:

CriteriaRemy hairNon-remy hair
Priceis more expensive because it is taken directly from natural human hair,which is cheaper because it from many different sources
Basic characteristicssmooth, shiny even when styling or dyeingdry, prone to lint, tangle, ruffled after a period of use
Durabilityabout 3-5 years or maybe longer if people know how to take care of them carefully, regularlyabout 6 months – 1 years, even longer if used regularly and cared properly
Flexibilitycan be styled, using a heated curlershould limit dyeing and using a heated curler because it will make the durability of the hair unable to last as long as expected.

Why do you choose Vietnamese Remy Hair?

We can also see why this type of Remy hair is prevalent, but to better understand, let’s evaluate why you should choose this hair type through the criteria below. 

Vietnamese Remy Hair Can Be Dyed

One of the users’ most significant concerns when buying Remy hair is whether they can easily be with other people’s hair. Or whether, after a period of use, they may become tangled, ruffled, or not? Is it suitable if the owner has a personality who often changes his hair color?

The answer to the above problem is that Remy’s hair is characterized by natural black color, extremely strong. Therefore, they can be easily curled and dyed depending on the wishes and preferences of the owner.

Vietnamese Remy Hair Can Be Permed

The Vietnamese Remy Hair extension is strong, smooth, bouncy, and durable. Therefore, you can completely curl Vietnamese Remy Hair extension with heat machines like your natural hair.

However, just like natural hair, you should not overuse Vietnamese Remy Hair extension when using a heat machine because this can reduce the life of the product and lead to lint and tangles. 

Therefore, to maintain the product’s durability, every time you use a heated curler to style, you should spray a layer of moisturizer on the Vietnamese Remy Hair extension to help make styling more beautiful. 

Vietnamese Remy Hair vs. Other?

Currently, there are quite a few different types of Remy hair in the world. So what is the difference between Vietnamese Remy Hair extension and other countries in the world? We will find the answer together in the following comparisons:

Brazilian Remy Hair 

Thick and Natural Brazilian Remy Hair
Thick and Natural Brazilian Remy Hair

It is usually from rural areas in Brazil. Therefore, they will have characteristics such as thick, soft, natural ripples and come in many different colors and lengths. Besides, Brazilian hair seems to be silkier than Peruvian hair. Overall, this hair type is quite soft and comes in various textures.

Indian Remy Hair 

It is characterized by the length, thickness, and quantity offered at an average or low price. Besides, Indian Remy hair is always considered the choice for those with a standard income. If we compare Indian and Brazilian Remy hair, we can see that Indian hair is smoother and more accessible to style and curl.

However, this type of hair has the disadvantage of being prone to frizz in environmental conditions, wrong braiding time, and humidity. Therefore, if you choose this type of hair, you should consider storing them in a cool, dry place to ensure the desired durability.

Chinese Remy Hair

Smooth Chinese Remy Hair extensions
Smooth Chinese Remy Hair extensions

Overall, Chinese Remy hair is the cheapest hair type available. This type of hair is characterized by coarse, thick hair. Their texture requires the manufacturer to carefully and adequately chemically treat them before producing hair extensions. After acidification, the hair inevitably loses its shine and has a rough surface.

Which hair type to choose?

The examples above show that each type of Remy hair from different countries has advantages and disadvantages. Which kind of hair to buy will depend on your economic conditions, needs, and preferences.

If you are a girl who likes curly hair, Indian Remy is the first choice. And if you want to own a cheap hair extension on the market, the Chinese Remy is the undeniable choice.

Overall, if you are looking for a beautiful, quality, affordable, and beautiful hairstyle, then Vietnamese Remy Hair  would be the first choice, wouldn’t it?

How To Recognize Good Vietnamese Remy Hair?

How To Recognize Good Vietnamese Hair?
How To Recognize Good Vietnamese Hair?

Suppose you are looking for a hair extension product with high quality, durability over time, and a reasonable and affordable price. In that case, Vietnamese Remy Hair is the choice that domestic and foreign customers always seek.

Perhaps because of that, many people have taken advantage of selling fake goods, counterfeit goods, and poor-quality goods. So how to distinguish quality Vietnamese Remy Hair, please refer to our information below:

Check the hair cuticles 

If Vietnamese Remy Hair is genuine, you can see the hair cuticles. Buyers can quickly test them by running their fingers through each hair. If they are smooth in the direction of development, then it is a quality product.

However, if your fingers can’t stroke your hair smoothly, or gently, then pay attention because it could be Indian or Chinese Remy hair.

Conduct a smoke test

You can use fire to burn. If Vietnamese Remy Hair is of good quality, burning will be tricky. However, if they are of poor quality, they will stick when burned and have an unpleasant smell. You can easily see white smoke trails when burning. 

To perform this operation is quite simple; you just need to take a few strands of hair you intend to buy and then use a lighter to light it up to check the results.

Top 5 Best Factories Supplying Vietnamese Remy Hair

Gruda Hair Factory – A trustworthy Vietnamese Remy Hair supplier

Gruda Hair Factory - Top Vietnamese Remy hair supplier
Gruda Hair Factory – Top Vietnamese Remy hair supplier

About Gruda Hair

Founded in 2008, Gruda Hair is one of the leading Vietnamese Remy Hair suppliers that you can refer to. With years of experience in the global hair industry, Gruda Hair Factory is becoming the most trusted supplier for hair wholesalers and retailers worldwide. The core values of this company are competitive price and good customer services.  

The goal of Gruda Hair is to provide an absolutely natural look and gorgeous appearance for all ladies by providing the top hair extensions products. Moreover, Gruda Hair always desires to help clients successfully start their hair business by providing top-notch hair extensions. 

With more than 14 years of experience in the hair industry, Gruda Hair has built a reliable and large network with clients from different continents in the world. They come from: Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, the US-UK, France, Russia, Europe…

About products

The products here are pretty diverse, eye-catching, and trendy with reasonable and affordable prices, and anyone can buy, use, and experience them. Therefore, the diversity of Gruda’s products successfully live up to customers’ expectations and standards. This company always makes efforts to bring the best products and customer services to satisfy their customers. 

Considering Vietnamese Remy hair, Gruda Hair factory produces many hair extensions products. They are: hair bundles, hair wefts, sew in hair extensions, clip in hair extensions, wigs and hair pieces, closures, tape in hair extensions,  fusion and pre-bonded hair extensions,…Hairstyles are bone straight hair, wavy hair, deep wave hair, straight hair, pixie hair, curly hair…

Images of Gruda Hair’s products

Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions From Gruda Hair


Hanossa Hair

Hanossa Hair - A good Vietnamese Remy hair supplier
Hanossa Hair – A good Vietnamese Remy hair supplier

About Hanossa Hair

It is one of the most reliable natural hair extension producers in Vietnam. Moreover, with over 13 years of expertise in the hair market, Hanossa hair understands the various expectations, concerns of consumers. 

Like Gruda Hair, hair sources from Hanossa Hair are 100% natural Vietnamese women. Furthermore, with the mission “Never sell bad products to ruin the hair business”, Hanossa Hair relentlessly strives to assert its name on the global scale. 

About products

Products of Hanossa Hair are diverse, including keratin hair extension, pre-bonded hair extension, flip-in hair extension, machine weft extension, hand-tied weft extension, tape hair extension…

Hair Extensions Products From Hanossa Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Hanossa Hair



Another famous Vietnamese Remy hair brand is McSara. Until emerging as a newcomer in this field, during 8 years, McSara has relentlessly developed. The main markets of McSara are Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Apart from that, this company also offers affordable prices with high quality products. 

Clients can select from a range of styles with varied degrees of colors and hairstyles such as straight, wavy, and so on. Moreover, McSara’s hair is available in lengths ranging from 6 to 32 inches. Clients of McSara are wholesalers, retailers, resellers, hair salons… 



The introduction is that ElsaHair is also a unit with more than 10 years of experience in hair extensions. Therefore, they significantly understand the European and Asian markets and what customers want and need about a hair extension product.

Besides, the unit also owns a professional sales team, knowledgeable about products and ready to advise customers 24/24 with the desire to bring you the best quality products. 


VQ Hair

Vietnamese Hair Factory - Employees in VQ Hair are working
Vietnamese Hair Factory – Employees in VQ Hair are working

In Vietnam, VQ Hair is a reliable Vietnamese Remy hair supplier on the global scale. Having more than 15 years of working in the hair extension factory, this firm is becoming the world’s leading human hair exporter. It always strives to improve the quality of products, high level of craftsmen, and technology to provide the best hair for customers and affirm its reputation in the world. 

Clients of VQ Hair are from various around the world. It exports and sells hair extensions in many nations such as Germany, Russia, Israel, France, Brazil… with an affordable price. 



Thus, today’s article has shared helpful information about Vietnamese Remy Hair as well as the most trustworthy supplier. If you interest Vietnamese Remy Hair or own a hair business, it is advisable to carefully read this post. 

Hopefully, the above information will help you choose the best product for your economic conditions and needs!

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