Wearing A Quick Weave: Advantages And Disadvantages

Any girl always cares about her appearance including makeup, clothes and certainly hair is indispensable. You are intending to use a quick weave but do not know about basic advantages and disadvantages. Do not ignore the article below. 

How To Understand A Quick Weave?

A girl with her quick weave
A girl with her quick weave

A quick weave can be understood as a technique of weaving the entire wig in a frame. Then the hair salons staff will glue it to a wave or head cap. 

The whole style will be done based on a device that is quite easy to use and helps to remove them from the head. Basically, they are wigs but have their own way of doing embroidery and weaving. 

With a quick weave, you can easily create any hairstyle you want. They can be long or short, curly, straight and come in many different colors. So, it is possible to help you choose a style that suits your face, preferences, and needs. 

If your real hair is too weak, prone to tangles, breakage and you want to change your hairstyle often, a quick weave is a perfect choice to have both a beautiful and beautiful hairstyle without minimally affecting your real hair. 

Pros Of Wearing A Quick Weave

Here are the outstanding advantages of using a quick weave:


A quick weave is quite inexpensive because they are sewn based on weaving techniques. Besides, it only takes about 1.5 hours to complete, much faster than sewing. 

Besides, this weaving method does not have too much impact on your natural hair as well as your scalp. The reason is that the hair extensions will be threaded directly into the hairs, so they will not cause pain and damage to your hair and scalp. As a result, in the long time, using a quick weave is really economical and beneficial for both your original hair and hair extensions. 

Besides, another advantage of a quick weave is that not all wigs have the ability to use the linking method between the hair extensions instead of stitching directly into the hair, which will quickly break down after a while use.   

Easy to remove

The hairs are attached to the mesh/cap of the wig instead of the natural hair. So you can easily remove or replace your extensions. With that convenience, a quick weave is always the choice of many women. 

The removal of a quick wave is quite quick if you are familiar enough to it. Easy to wear, easy to remove. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for many women, especially those busy and keen on try diverse hairstyles. 

Low maintenance

A quick weave has a reasonable, affordable price and does not require frequent care. All you need to do is simply wrap or remove the wig every night before going to bed. 

However, if you use a quick weave regularly, you should also take the time to clean and use a hair serum to keep them smooth and durable over time. 

Yes, to protect it better, you can remove it before going to sleep to avoid tangles. You should wash it once a week as well as shampoo, condition, use hair oil to keep it healthy. If you properly care, your weave can last up to years. 

Cons Of Wearing A Quick Weave

Although there are many advantages, a quick weave also has some disadvantages as follows:

Damaging Your Hairline

Although it has the advantage of fast weaving time and you only take about 1.5 hours to complete. However, weaving too quickly can also make mistakes and there are many products that can fail each time they are used. 

Besides, improper weaving can damage your hairline, scalp, and hair after only a period of use. This damage can happen when the glue sticks directly to the natural hair as well as the hair roots during use.

As you know, before applying a quick weave, you have to wear a cap. This cap is obviously worn tightly for use in several days or weeks. Consequently, it can cause great tension on your hair, preventing your hair from growing. 

As you know, the contact between the hair and the scalp and that special glue will make it more difficult for you to remove a quick weave after each use. Therefore, it is best to avoid any specialized hair glue, and do not forget to use a thin layer of the woven beanie to protect your hair and hold it better after each use.

Another cause is the potential for hair loss or damage which can easily happen at any time if they are too loose or too tight – causing tension on the scalp.

Short Duration

Although it has a fast production time, a quick weave is not really durable over time. Therefore, if you want your wig products to last, you need to reconsider using quick weave. 

According to the share of people who have used all types of wigs, including a quick weave, they can only extend their life for about 2-3 weeks. 

However, if you know how to take care when washing and using nourishing serums, the time of a quick weave can last a little longer. 

This information is also quite essential if you want to invest in a hair weave product that is more expensive, reasonable, and durable over time than a quick weave.

In addition, if you are a person who likes to change, want to experiment, and only want to use woven hair in a short time, a quick weave is still a worthy choice because in a period of a few weeks is just enough time to experience styling as well as create the hairstyles you want without harming natural hair. 

Damaging to the Hair Extensions

In general, products that seal the scalp and use for a long time will cause damage to hair and a quick weave is no exception. Especially, with hair extensions like natural hair can easily get stuck in the glue present on the hair cap. Therefore, your hair will easily appear clumped.

Above are the basic advantages and disadvantages of a quick weave that we want to share with you. 

A quick weave is like a “fireproof” method for girls whenever they go out to an event or do anything without beautiful hair. Although any product has its advantages and disadvantages, choosing a quick weave for short-term use is still quite reasonable, isn’t it? In particular, they are reasonably priced, affordable, and can be easily changed at any time you want. 

Where To Buy A Quick Weave In Vietnam?

As you know, these days, Vietnam is emerging as a big and reliable hair supplier across the world. There are a large number of hair factories in Vietnam. Standing in front of numerous choices, you may be in two minds and do not know which hair factories you should choose. I will introduce you the reliable hair address you can refer to import hair extensions products from it.

About Gruda Hair

Gruda Hair Factory - a reliable Vietnam hair factory
Gruda Hair Factory – a reliable Vietnam hair factory

The best hair factory is Gruda Hair. It is one of the most famous hair suppliers in Vietnam. Up to now, this firm has a stable position in the hair field on the global scale. With more than 14 years of experience in this industry, it has established a wide range of networks with over 3000 partners including hair wholesalers and retailers. 

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About Gruda Hair’s products

Gruda Hair can offer a wide range of hair extensions products which are really diverse in patterns, colors, hairstyles. 

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Hairstyles are deep wavy hair, funmi curl, tip twist curl, straight hair, pixie hair, burmese curly, afro kinky hair, bone straight hair, wavy hair, egg roll, …

Here are products of Gruda Hair:

Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair


Are quick weaves damaging to the hair?

Although it has the advantage of fast weaving and easy installation, a quick weave has adhesive, so it can still cause damage to natural hair, especially for those who often use a cap. Many women after a period of time appear broken, dry, or the scalp becomes more sensitive. 

How long can you wear a quick weave?

Duration is about 5 weeks. According to manufacturers or stylists, you can use a quick weave for about 5 weeks. Or if you know how to care for and maintain it, the time can be a little longer.

However, for those not planning to use it for a long time, after only about 5 weeks they will see a quick weave gradually appear shedding. Obviously, you need to remove it quickly. Therefore, if you want the product to last a little longer, wrap an extra silk scarf every time you go to bed to help protect your hair. 

Is a quick weave better than a sew-in?

A quick weave will be installed directly on the head and will not take too long when you use sew-in. The seam is a weave and applied using weft threads (slots) onto natural hair for a bun. With sew-in has the advantage of being durable, but it takes a long time for each user and has a higher cost.

Do quick weaves pull your hair out?

It is quite difficult to completely remove the link hair extension. With a quick weave, however, glue is often used to help bond directly to your natural hair. And this makes it more difficult to remove. 

Even with the best care, glue can easily get stuck in your strands, causing them to stick together. Additionally, it can lead to breakage, hair loss, dryness, and frizz.

Are quick weaves secure?

During the weaving process to create the product, you should braid or tie up your natural hair. However, you also need to combine the use of a protective layer of a thin mesh to fix the hair as well as help the glue not to stick to the natural hair. Natural glue should not touch the hair because doing so will lead to unwanted damage. 


Above is the information about wearing a quick weave: Advantages and disadvantages that we want to send to you. As you can see, using a quick weave is one of the most effective solutions. Especially when you want to dye, and style without affecting your natural hair. 

In addition, using a quick weave in a short time at a cheap price will make it easy for you to change many different hair patterns if you want. However, any product has its own pros and cons. Therefore, in the process of using a quick weave, you also need to pay attention. The glue does not stick to the natural hair and is difficult to remove as well as easily causing dryness and breakage.

Hopefully, you find this post beneficial for you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact as soon as possible. We will try my best to support and give the most appropriate advice for you.