Prices Of Bone Straight Hair In Nigeria: A Complete Guide

Straight hair with bones is currently a new hair fashion trend in Africa, especially in Nigeria. As proof of practice, 80% of women here have been using this hair type to express their beauty. 

As the name suggests, straight hair with bones is hair that is straight and flattened by machines or specialized tools. Compared with normal straight hair, this hair type is much softer and shinier.

So how much are the Prices of Bone Straight Hair in Nigeria? Different prices depend mainly on the type of hair you choose. On average, the cost to own this bony straight hair is not too great, and it ranges from about 119 – 725 dollars.

If you want to know the specifics of the price of this type, below is the article for you. Please rest assured to refer to the following information because it is from my own experience and feedback from customers who have used the product. Please scroll gently so as not to miss important information!

What Are The Characteristics Of Straight Hair?

4 remarkable features of Straight hair
4 remarkable features of Straight hair

Straight bony hair is coarse, straight, silky, and shiny hair. They tighten from the weft to the ends to form a complete set of hair for many customers’ requirements. Owning this hair will make a woman more luxurious and special in the eyes of everyone around. Specifically about the characteristics of hair, below are detailed information.

It needs to be small or no style

Unlike naturally straight hair, bony straight hair requires little or no complicated styling. And of course, this feature will save you the most time for combing. But this feature also has certain disadvantages. Typically, you will not be able to change the desired hairstyle with this type of hair. And you are only allowed to keep its properties.

It can not be simply bent

Derived from hair characteristics, straight boneless hair is ideal for those who prefer simplicity and sometimes want to curl their hair. It allows you to stay straight at any time. Even if you’ve just had a slight bump, your hair stays smooth and flat to give you confidence in front of a crowd.

Meanwhile, straight hair with bones may not be a good choice for those who prefer stylized curls. You won’t be able to bend them as you want, even with a professional curler. If you do, your hair will be damaged, and you won’t be able to use it.

Think you can make them slightly curved? No, not. That is not possible with this particular hairstyle. Therefore, you need to consider it carefully before making the final decision!

It is extremely flat

Perfectly, this hair type is incredibly flat and straight. It helps users become more beautiful, luxurious, and attractive. But, it is not as full compared to naturally straight hair. Hair is not ideal for those who like thick and bouncy hair.

Do not want to color

Did you ever think you could color them using straight hair with bones? With this hairstyle, you can also change its color. But not all; bright blonde is taboo in this hair type.

On the other hand, changing hair color will also affect hair quality. Therefore, I recommend that you do not necessarily color them. It is because normally, hair also has a natural and attractive color.

How To Identify Straight Hair With Bones In Nigeria

3 ways to identify bone straight hairs
3 ways to identify bone straight hairs

In different countries, they have their way of identifying straight hair with bones. For most customers in Nigeria, they identify straight hair with bones by:

  • Rely on Post-Styling Recovery: In most of today’s bony straight hair, they recover quickly after each styling. Meanwhile, this takes about 5-10 minutes for naturally straight hair. It will even take longer if chemicals are involved. This simple method helps us easily identify straight hair with bones.
  • Ability to curl: In any case, boneless straight hair does not create style even with specialized curlers. Or even if you use heat, it can’t change this type of hair. But, with naturally straight hair, it comes in quickly right from the manual curling steps.
  • Touch to feel: Above are two perfect methods for distinguishing straight hair with bones that you should refer to. In many cases, we need to hold and feel the hair to determine the hair easily.

Price Classification

When classifying the prices of bone straight hair in Nigeria, sellers often rely on the characteristics of thickness and length to determine the cost of hair. Besides, it also depends a lot on the hair origin. Imported hair from reputable sources, with guaranteed hair quality, the price will be higher and vice versa. Here is a detailed breakdown of expenses:

  • Single drawn price: This hair has a moderate thickness, usually the thinnest at the end. It has the lowest price and is commonly available by many people.
  • Double drawn price: This hair type has a moderate thickness with 70% hair of the same length. It has a higher price than a single drawn price and is suitable for young girls and middle-aged women to use.
  • Super double drawn price: It is a great hairdo, with 85% of the hair the same length. And, obviously, its price is higher compared to others. For many people, it can be a luxury and difficult to access.

If you want to know the details of hair prices in Nigeria, continue to follow the information below!

On top of that, if you are a hair business owner and want to import hair to sell for your clients, you must discover and deeply understand the prices of bone straight hair in those countries exporting hair extensions, especially in Vietnam. I will show you the detailed prices of Vietnam bone straight hair.

Single drawn price

The price of Vietnamese Single drawn price
The price of Vietnamese Single drawn price

Double drawn price

The price of Vietnamese Double drawn price
The price of Vietnamese Double drawn price

Super double drawn price

The price of Vietnamese Super double drawn price
The price of Vietnamese Super double drawn price

In order to get more information about bone straight hair, you can visit here to gain a profound knowledge.

How Much Is Bone Straight Wig Now?

What is the Vietnam the prices of bone straight hair in Nigeria? With different hair types, they will have different prices. Most of the bony straight hair in Nigeria is more expensive than naturally straight hair. The reason for this, straight hair has bones for better quality and longevity. Not only that, but it also ensures compatibility and successfully shows your beauty.

On average, the price of each wig in Nigeria is relative, and it ranges from about 119 – 725 dollars. If you are a Nigerian straight hair business, you should buy a bunch of hair and make your wig. 

It will help you save costs and bring higher profits. But, if you think creating straight hair with bones is hard work and should not be done. Yes, you are wrong, completely wrong. However, if you have the money, you can still do it.

Factors Determining The Price Of A Straight Bone Wig

3 factors to decide the prices of bone straight hair wig
3 factors to decide the prices of bone straight hair wig

Many factors affect the price of straight hair with bones. Material, durability, and texture are the main factors you should pay attention to. Below is a detailed analysis that you should refer to.

Material of hair

The material used to create the wig is the leading determining factor for the product’s price. Wigs are usually made from human hair, synthetic fibers, or silk.

Compared to synthetic fibers or silk, wigs made from human hair are more expensive. Because they are much more natural and sustainable, you can choose hair made from nylon with poor economic conditions. It is not as beautiful as other hair models, but its price is stable for many users.

Hair texture

Hair texture is also a prerequisite factor for hair price decisions. Short hair will consume less material than long hair. Therefore, it is much cheaper. If you are a person who prefers youthfulness, dynamism, and flexibility, you can choose short wigs instead of expensive long hair, and it suits your style. 

However, you need to note that this hair type does not allow complicated styling. Therefore, please consider carefully before making the final judgment!

Durability of hair

You will not be able to find sustainable and quality hair if the investment is extremely small. The quality and durability of the hair are closely related to the cost of the product. But, it is only true when you choose the right reputable address to buy the product. With poor quality addresses, this can be the opposite. If you are not careful, chances are you will be the one to buy the right product at an unexpectedly high price.

Therefore, you need to be more careful about your research. If possible, go to the place to try the product quality before making a final judgment.

How To Properly Care For Straight Hair?

Like naturally straight hair, bony straight hair also needs to be cared for properly to ensure long-term quality and bring a luxurious beauty to the owner. The following are specific on how to care:

Use a straightener instead of an iron

Instead of using an iron for straightening hair, you should replace it with a dedicated hair straightener. 

This machine has the right temperature and functions more suitable for your care. If you use an iron, your hair will be damaged by the heat released from the machine. You can even burn your hair at any time. Brush your hair properly.

Combing your hair is necessary, but you need to ensure it’s done properly. If you have long hair, make sure to brush the ends first. After that, continue to touch the body. Doing so will help limit hair loss and affect the quality of the hair.

In addition, you can also choose some additional hair conditioners for more effective combing. It helps to take care of your hair and makes it look shiny.

Shampooing is an essential step in taking care of straight hair

If you choose straight hair made from real human hair, you need to wash it. Otherwise, only after a certain use time will your hair be dry and frizzy. Or even it will break, and you can’t use it.

Where To Buy High-Quality Bone Straight Hair?

A reliable hair factory supplying diverse hairs - Gruda Hair
A reliable hair factory supplying diverse hairs – Gruda Hair

The best address that I highly recommend for you is Gruda Hair – a trustworthy Vietnamese hair factory. Having more than a 10-year experience, Gruda Hair obviously has a deep insight into customers regarding pain points, desires, dreams and so on as well as a wide range of hair extensions products.

During the years of developing, Gruda Hair’s commitment is to “Never sell bad products that ruin your hair business” Gruda is confident to supply very sustainable and high-quality products. Because of reliability, Gruda is increasing gain a high level of reputation and prestige in hair business. Up to now, Gruda has become a reliable supplier to over 3000 wholesale and retail hair customers all over the world. 

Gruda Hair always hope to develop together with our customers, their out ultimate goal is to help customers to have a successful hair business by providing optimal experience as well as top-notch products. We aspire to build a bright future with you.

Regarding products, Gruda Hair offers a large number of hairstyles of bone straight hair with different prices and colors. Here are some bone straight hair products of Gruda Hair.

Bone Straight Hairs from Gruda Hair
Bone Straight Hairs from Gruda Hair
Bone Straight Hairs from Gruda Hair
Bone Straight Hairs from Gruda Hair


Prices of Bone Straight Hair in Nigeria are different for each different hair type. Hopefully, this information will help you better understand the product and make the correct choice, following your wishes to use it. Check out my article, and don’t forget to leave feedback!

Thank you for reading!

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