What do you know about Vietnam Remy Hair?

There are a lot of buzzes around Remy hair in general and Vietnam Remy hair in particular. At the second rank following Virgin hair, Remy human hair is commonly known as the most expensive type of hair extensions. Do you know anything else about Remy hair? Do you think they are extremely worth purchasing? And do you think it can match well with your natural hair? If you are new to human hair extensions, I am sure that there are a large number of questions bothering you right now ^^. Do not worry a lot, I am here to help you untangle. 

In this article, I will give you a close look at Remy hair and Vietnamese Remy hair. Keep scrolling down to read to absorb additional knowledge about Remy hair.

Remy Hair from Vietnamese Woman
Vietnamese Remy Hair

Overview about Remy hair and Vietnam Remy hair

7 benefits of Vietnam Remy Hair
Outstanding benefits of Vietnamese Remy Hair

What is Remy Hair?

First, we will start with the definition. Remy hair is a hairpiece that is completely made of real human hair with the cuticle still intact. Remy hair is 100% human hair and it is regarded as luxury hair. Therefore, with the description of “Remy”, we can make sure that hair is not synthetic. 

Because of the collection from the human hair, every strand of Remy hair goes in the same direction.

What is Vietnam Remy hair?

Move on the next part. Vietnamese Remy hair, as the name called, is harvested from a certain group of Vietnamese women who share some common characteristics. They usually live in northern regions of Vietnam. 

Currently, Vietnam is emerging as one of the most potential hair markets on the global scale. Because of top-notch quality and good customer services, Vietnamese hair is promising to be a great market in the less distant future. The color of Vietnamese hair is naturally black, so it can blend well with the shade and dark colors of many customers all around the world such as: Africans, Americans, Asians and also even Europeans. Additionally, its price is much more affordable than others. With these reasons, Vietnam is gradually becoming the best choice among many sellers.

Origin of Vietnam Remy hair

As I said before, Vietnamese Remy hair is primarily harvested from a group of females, usually residing in the mountainous areas in the northern regions of my country, Vietnam. These regions include Ha Giang, Cao Bang, Lang Son and many other provinces where Vietnamese women get a tradition to grow long hair with the purpose of purchasing. These are developing provinces of my country, so many people are living in an insufficient state or even under the poverty line. As a result, a large number of women inhabiting mountainous areas have a tendency to grow and then sell their hair to get an additional amount of income. Women are donors often aging from 16 to over 30 and then collected hair experiences the distribution process before officially stepping into the production process. Clearly, the hair comes from limited places and donors, so it can ensure hair is in the pink.

How to care

I would say that the quality of Remy hair is super good. However, in order to make it last longer, more sustainable and durable, it is essential for you to take notice of caring for it.

Because Remy hair is worn daily, it is difficult to avoid the tangles and exposure to dust. Therefore, you should regularly comb your hair in a gentle way to tease out tangles.

When it comes to hair care routine, you should use high quality shampoo and condition designed exclusively for Remy hair to preserve its softness and shine. Nevertheless, you also have to remember you should limit the times of cleansing. The more you wash, the shorter its life expectancy is.

Distinguish between Remy hair and Non-Remy hair

The difference between Remy and Non-Remy hair
Remy hair vs Non-Remy hair

In reality, depending on numerous factors, there are many ways to differentiate between Remy hair and Non-Remy hair. 

Do you know why Non-Remy hair is less expensive than Remy hair? The answer is here. 

Non-Remy hair is non-cuticles hair. Contrary to Remy hair, Non-Remy hair is picked up from a lot of resources, I mean it is from many women possessing different features. During the process of collection, hair is messed up; therefore, Non-Remy hair does not have its root perfectly aligned. Specifically, roots and tips are not traveling in the same direction. When the hair is thrown together, it would cause tangling. To hide it from customers, the manufacturers mainly use heavy silicon to make hair look smooth, shiny and bouncy. However, after use, this heavy silicon will gradually wash out and hair will start to tangle and dry. 

Remember, if you want to buy hair extensions, sincerely I think you should not consider Non-Remy hair. The initial investment is much lower, it also means that you will struggle with this hair after the first time washing it. Obviously, you may think it is more economical at the beginning, but you already made a mistake. Non-Remy hair is actually not suitable for long-term uses.

To have a closer look, you can see the table below:

CriterionRemy HairNon-Remy Hair
Durability1-2 years with daily use4-6 months with daily use
PriceMore expensive as it is collected from several donors and its strand is perfectly alignedCheaper because of the low quality
VersatilityStyling in many ways because it is healthyNo
Natural lookShiny, bouncy, and smoothDried, tangled
OriginFrom a certain group of people sharing the same characteristicsFrom many individuals 
A table showing the differences between Remy Hair and Non-Remy Hair

To sum up, Remy Hair is very soft, durable and easy to work with. Because of these reasons, although the price is comparatively unaffordable, Remy Hair is well loved among numerous women. 

Reasons why you should buy Vietnamese Remy Hair

I can say that Vietnamese Remy Hair is one of the most precious hair extensions due to some exceptional features of it.

Remy Hair
Reasons why you should buy Vietnam Remy Hair

Vietnamese Remy Hair is more durable

As I said earlier about the origins of Vietnamese Remy Hair. The hair is harvested from a group of women living in the mountainous regions which have quite extreme weather conditions. Those women often work outside for a living, for example, on the field. Therefore, they exposed themselves to scorching hot in the summer months and freezing cold in winter. It also means that their hair has to experience unfavorable conditions, which help hair become more naturally black, healthy and resilient. Living in this kind of environment, Vietnam hair strands are straight and thick, that is really appropriate to style in many different ways such as coloring, dying, bleaching and applying by hairdressing tools and equipment.

Besides, mountainous women do not use chemical substances to take care of their hair; instead, they use herbal products.

Honestly, Vietnamese Remy Hair in Vietnam is 100% pure natural, chemical-free, silky and strong. As a result, it is the best option to import hair from Vietnam for the development of your hair business. 

As a result, Vietnamese Remy Hair has a longer longevity for sure and is an ideal option for long-term and sustainable uses.

Vietnamese Remy Hair is newer

To explain this reason, I would compare a little bit with other countries regarding scale. We know that China and India are one of the most leading hair exporters and they have an industrial-scale production owning a great size of resources and workforce. Because of the increasingly growing demand, Chinese or Indian factories manufacture a huge amount of hair in diverse lengths, volumes and styles and then store it in stock. In the meantime, Vietnam hair factory does not keep hair in stock. We would prepare 100% new Remy Hair for each order so hair is always new and you can feel secure about the quality of Vietnamese Remy Hair. 

Vietnamese Remy Hair is more versatile

With the outstanding features I mentioned above, I am sure that its versatility is super incredible. Vietnamese Remy Hair is 100% natural hair from women, so its function is obviously similar to our original hair. Hence, Vietnamese Remy Hair is an optimal choice for those who always change their look, their hairstyle. It can be colored, dyed and even bleached to change into light color. It can also put up with heat from hairdressing tools such as a blow dryer.

However, you should remember that like natural hair, it can be vulnerable if you apply too much heat. To avoid it from this damage, you should use heat protectants.

Compare Vietnamese Remy Hair with Remy Hair from other countries in the world

Compare Hair in Vietnam with other countries
Comparison: Vietnamese Remy Hair with other nations

These days, hair is a potentially lucrative industry on a global scale. Many countries are in an effort to enter into this field. Because of these, products are increasingly diverse and originate from numerous countries. Next, I will give a brief comparison about Remy Hair in Vietnam, Cambodia, China, India and Peru. Deeply understanding each of them, you can have many choices and considerations when you have an intention of buying hair extensions. 

Cambodian Remy Hair

In terms of quality, Cambodian Remy Hair is a superior option. Like Vietnam, it has been bundled up with the cuticles still intact and arranged in the same direction. However, sometimes, when being bleached or colored, it can take on a variety of shades due to collection from several women. 

The remarkable feature of Cambodian Remy Hair is thin and curly. Therefore, we may find it difficult to keep hairstyle for a long time after styling it. 

The price of Cambodian Remy Hair is the same as Vietnamese hair, but the quality is slightly worse than the other. 

Chinese Remy Hair

Among Remy Hair from countries I just listed, the price of Chinese Remy Hair is cheaper due to lower quality.  Chinese Hair is usually synthetic and during the manufacturing process, Chinese factories apply chemical treatment to make hair look shiny and smooth. Hence, Chinese Remy Hair can be more vulnerable after washing and shampooing.

Indian Remy Hair

Indian Remy Hair is naturally soft and bouncy. Compared to Cambodian Remy Hair, Indian hair is healthier, so it can easily be curled and colored. Indian Remy Hair is famous for the length and thickness. With this dense characteristic; however, Indian Remy Hair is more likely to become frizzy in wet weather and environment. 

For those having average income, Indian Remy Hair is actually an ideal selection.

Peruvian Remy Hair

Peruvian Remy Hair is actually thicker, but it is also a lightweight, soft and smooth hair extensions. I would say that Peruvian Hair is a super suitable choice for American and African women because it grows naturally in a straight, curly and wavy form. Although it is lightweight, it still carries numerous volumes. 

In comparison to Indian hair, it is slightly coarser and thicker and can blend well with normal relaxed hair textures. The curly Peruvian Remy Hair is easily curly when being wet or washed. 

In reality, Peruvian Remy Hair is an extremely prevalent choice among Black women.

Where is the best place for you to buy Remy Hair?

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