Where To Buy Virgin Hair In Vietnam?

Virgin hair is scarce, so finding the right supplier is a difficult problem, so where to buy Virgin hair in Vietnam? Please join me to find out in detail through the article below!

For a long time, hair extensions have become essential items in a woman’s cosmetic collection. With the desire to have beautiful long hair, you can achieve it quickly when using wigs or hair extensions. But, not all hair types are of the same quality to meet your requirements. To ensure the quality of hair extensions, you should choose virgin hair. 

This type of hair is usually obtained from safe sources and has better texture and quality than other types of hair. 

What Is Virgin Hair?

Vietnamese Virgin Hair
Vietnamese Virgin Hair

Virgin hair is hair that is intact, undamaged, and has not been treated with any chemicals. However, that is not to say that all healthy hair is considered virgin hair. 

To be eligible, hair must meet standards that include: no bleaching, coloring, or dyes have been used, and no hair procedures have been used. 

Virgin hair is usually sourced from only a donor and guaranteed quality. The cuticles are perfectly intact with every strand going in the same direction. 

Virgin hair may be exposed to many unfavorable weather conditions when it is still on the head of Vietnamese women. However, it has not been through any extreme heat from styling devices or chemical treatment. It is so strong and durable, but to maintain it for a long time, users have to know necessary tips to take care of the virgin hair. High quality is not enough, everything always requires care to sustain a good condition. 

Where Does Virgin Hair Come From? 

There are many different types of virgin hair, with each type originating from a different country with many typical characteristics. Includes: 

Indian Virgin Hair

Indian Virgin Hair is very smooth, bouncy, and light. It’s also pretty easy to style. Indian hair is suitable for many different objects. Almost all Indian hair is collected from donors. 

In India, many people cut hair in the temple for religious purposes, therefore, hair is kept in the virgin condition. For them, donating their hair is a way to receive back good health and wealth. 

Vietnamese Virgin Hair

Vietnamese hair has a certain smoothness, and the ability to style is also superior to many other types of hair on the market. The price is also not too high, and easy for users to access and use.

Virgin hair from Vietnam is mainly harvested from Vietnamese women residing in the mountainous region. Living in such areas, they rarely use chemical products to cleanse or condition their hair. They make use of natural substances to take care of their hair. Because, Vietnamese hair has a long lifespan and it is really versatile.

Here, this post will guide you the best place to buy Virgin hair in Vietnam

Peruvian Virgin Hair

Actually, Peruvian hair is collected from Peruvian population coming from remote villages. In Peru, there is no hair-collecting culture. Therefore, the hair source to produce hair extensions is limited and the Peru hair factory, sometimes, has to import hair from either India or China that is coated with silicon and acid-washed. Then, they label Peruvian hair.

About the features of Peruvian hair, hair from this country is versatile and durable.  The population of Peru is a mix of Indian and Spanish immigrant heritage. It has a relative thickness and rich color. It grows naturally straight, wavy, or very curly.

In terms of price, it is quite expensive compared to other hair types.

Malaysian Virgin Hair

This hair type has a clear shine and is chosen by many customers because of its attractive wavy design. With Malaysian hair, it is less prone to frizz when exposed to moisture. These virgin hair extensions naturally range in color from dark brown to near black and are available in straight, wavy, or curly styles. Malaysian hair is dense, strong, and thick, but it is also smooth and soft.

Russian Virgin Hair

Russian hair is smooth and shiny. This hair type is rich in vitamins and includes a variety of colors. It can last for 5 years and still give the original shine. However, it is the most expensive hair in the world.

This hair was collected in Russian villages. Women do not color or perm their hair as frequently, and their hair can grow to be long, healthy and gorgeous hair. 

Brazilian Virgin Hair

Brazilian hair is the most sought-after hair type in the world today. It stands out for its impressive thickness and durability. Using this hair type will help bring beauty to the user’s body.

Brazilian hair is sourced from Brazil’s rural regions; this virgin hair is thick, soft, and naturally wavy. Brazilian hair is available in a wider selection of hues and lengths than Peruvian hair and is frequently much shinier and silkier.

Where To Buy Virgin Hair In Vietnam?

Vietnamese virgin hair has a friendly style with a certain thickness, helping to ensure the purest beauty for users. This hair type is relatively soft and reasonably priced, suitable for many different consumers.

So where to buy virgin hair in Vietnam? The following article will help you find a reputable supplier. 

I recommend you to choose Gruda Hair as a Virgin hair supplier for you. 

About Gruda Hair

Gruda Hair Factory
Gruda Hair Factory

Gruda Hair is a hair company whose main purpose is to provide 100 percent natural hair extensions all over the world. It promises to create a perfect beauty for all women as well as help to assist clients in successfully starting their hair company by supplying high-quality hair extensions. The market of Gruda Hair is global. It has consumers from a variety of countries, including Nigeria, Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, France, Namibia, Italy, and Southern Africa. Gruda Hair takes pride in being a reliable partner and friend to numerous clients and hair company owners around the world. Up to now, it specifically becomes a dependable supplier to over 3000 wholesale and retail hair customers worldwide.

To gain this current reputation, there are 4 essential factors contributing to the success of it. They are: first-rate hair products, optimal customer service, various shipping methods and self-evaluations. 

With these outstanding reasons, Gruda Hair is a best address for you to buy Vietnam Virgin hair.

About Gruda Hair’s products

There are a wide range of hair extensions products in Gruda Hair. The ultimate goal of Gruda Hair is to provide the best quality of hair products for customers. In this company, hair products have two main qualities such as Virgin hair or Remy hair. 

Here are images of products in Gruda Hair

Best Quality Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Best Quality Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Best Quality Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Best Quality Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Best Quality Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair
Best Quality Hair Extensions Products From Gruda Hair

As I said before, there are 2 main qualities that Gruda Hair offers: Virgin hair and Remy hair. Because these types of hair are so durable, strong and silky, the price is so competitive in the market. I will give you the price table of hair products in Gruda Hair in case you need to consider, you can check it out.

Price Of Hair Extension: Single Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Single Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn hair
Gruda Hair Factory
Price Of Closure And Frontal

Tips you need to consider to find the reliable hair distributor

Many years in hair industry

You should choose a hair factory having many years of experience in the hair field to become your partner. It is because you will have the opportunity to experience the highest quality of service and products. Most of the products here are tested for quality before being sold on the market. Thanks to this, the hair business can survive and thrive for the needs of customers. 

Virgin hair from this supplier guarantees a variety of designs, colors, and overall quality. And you can completely trust and choose to buy hair at this address.

15 days warranty

If you still have doubts about the quality of virgin hair, you can look for a related service provider to worry yourself. And this policy is ideal for your consumer requirements. With Gruda Hair, you can return the product within 15 days if you do not satisfy with the quality of the selected hair type.

Hair Salon Wholesale

This supplier has its own factory. Therefore, the factory price for each product is always the wholesale price, ensuring a suitable price for many different users.

You can feel secure when importing hair extensions from Gruda Hair. Products of this company are always diverse and available at all times.

Quality assurance

All hairs produced are 100% virgin human hair extensions. It is guaranteed to be acid-free, dye-free, and chemical-free. Using this supplier’s hair, you can be assured of their quality and satisfy your dyeing or styling requirements. 

You can believe in Gruda Hair and let it become your trustworthy partner and supplier who distributes the best Virgin hair extensions for you. 

How To Order Hair From Vietnam?

You can easily search for Vietnamese virgin hair suppliers through the internet. But, not all of them are reputable for your needs. You need to make sure you understand the ordering process and product quality so that you can easily purchase virgin hair. Below is the specific process for ordering hair from Vietnam.

  • Research the supplier carefully: You can find information about hair suppliers through social networking sites or websites. To be realistic, you need to carefully consider the feedback of customers who have purchased the product. It is the most practical evidence for product quality feedback. Or not, you can also find out information from family members or friends. 
  • Associate with more than one Vietnamese virgin hair supplier: You should refer to the price and product quality for 3-5 virgin hair suppliers. Then you can set up a quality comparison table to clearly see the core values ​​of the product.
  • Check and undo your order: Check the quality of the product one more time to make sure the hair you bought is the best. Then proceed to order and pay for your order.

Ideas To Help Choose Best Virgin Hair Products

Through personal experience, I have learned a lot about choosing quality virgin hair. Here are some great ideas for you to choose from.

  • If you are looking for a reputable human hair supplier, you can consider a product that costs between $50-$150 for a basic set. Note, pay attention to the size, thickness, and length of the hair.
  • Hair quality is always important. To clearly determine the quality of the hair, you should closely observe the cuticle of the hair. Please objectively evaluate the perfection of your hair yourself to make the most accurate decision. 
  • The shine and durability of virgin hair should be your top priority. It will make your hair look smoother and more bouncy.
  • Natural black hair may be more suitable for your fair skin tone. When you choose the right haircut, it can make you receive compliments from everyone around. 
  • Reading real reviews and talking to friends can be a great way to choose the right virgin hair. Or can also help you find quality websites.
  • In fact, not every high cost will give good hair quality and vice versa. If you do not consider it specifically, you will most likely be a victim of those poor-quality products.

Above are unique ideas for choosing the right virgin hair. Accordingly, you can also choose according to your own knowledge. It is not necessary to fully follow the above ideas.

Remy Hair And Virgin Hair, Which One Is The Best?

Virgin Hair Vs Remy Hair
Virgin Hair Vs Remy Hair

Many people are still wondering whether to choose Remy hair or Virgin hair. So which is the best Remy hair and Virgin hair? Based on the characteristics and origin, we can clearly see the characteristics of these two types of hair. 

  • Origin: Virgin hair is collected mainly from a donor, and cut directly from a Vietnamese woman. Meanwhile, Remy’s hair comes from various sources.
  • Features: With virgin hair, is hair with a strong texture and has never gone through dyeing, bleaching. In contrast, Remy’s hair can be original hair, dyed or styled hair.
  • Quality: Virgin hair is of the best quality for any use. Meanwhile, the quality of Remy’s hair can be affected by repeated use of chemicals. 

Table comparison

CriteriaVirgin hair and Remy hair
Quality100% natural human hair, intact cuticle, every strand going in the same direction
LifespanCan last up to at least 2-3 years if properly cared
Table of similar characteristics
CriteriaVirgin HairRemy Hair
Hair SourceFrom only a donorFrom several donors with same hair characteristics
PriceMore expensiveLower cost than Virgin hair
NumberHard to findIt can be bought easily
Original hairThe donor does not use any chemical productsThe donor might bleach, dye and perm hair
Table of different characteristics

Personally, I am more impressed with virgin hair because it possesses a much more sustainable texture for styling enthusiasts. And I recommend you to choose it for your usage requirements. But, if you don’t like it you can absolutely choose Remy. Moreover, the price of Virgin hair can be expensive for your budget. Therefore, you can choose the Remy hair products, because it is more reasonable compared to Virgin hair but the quality is still guaranteed.  It may still be acceptable for your change-up preferences.


The above article has detailed Where to buy virgin hair in Vietnam. Virgin hair is quality hair, possessing lasting texture and outstanding shine for all your hair extension requirements. It’s better than any hair on the market and deserves your top investment. 

Hopefully, this shared information will help you better understand the characteristics of hair for your personal beauty desires. 

Check out my article and don’t forget to leave feedback! 

Thank you for reading!