Why You Should Start A Hair Business In Nigeria?

if you are interested in hair business and dream of becoming of hair business owner, this post showing reasons and ways to start a hair business in Nigeria is important for you to read. Because, in the modern day, Nigeria is a fertile land for you to engage in this hair field. Intend to work as a hairdresser in Nigeria? And many people wonder why so many people choose the Nigerian market when starting a hair business. People who want to trade must first determine what they want to change to be successful and avoid risks. If you’re going to profit from this business model in Nigeria, read the information in this article.


Overview Of Hair Business In Nigeria
Overview Of Hair Business In Nigeria

Currently, the demand for beauty is quite popular. Moreover, most women today want to take additional measures to make their appearance more attractive. In which “hairdressing” is the most popular beauty demand.

Most of the boys in Nigeria go to the barbershop at least once a week for a shave or a haircut. Depending on the locality, it will cost them only 300N or 1000N, depending on the locality. Women also choose regular hair salons to beautify themselves.

In general, women and men here choose the hair salon as an annual destination to improve their appearance. 

People in Africa treat hair care like Asians go to church every Sunday. 

Both men and women go to the barbershop to dye or cut their hair, extensions, or curls.

Another study of the hairdressing market in Africa in recent years shows that the revenue hair salon or hair business owners earn from this service profession is up to 6 billion dollars a year, and the number is still increasing over time.

These figures show that more and more women from old to young in Africa and Nigeria, particularly, need beauty with hair. 

Moreover, by opening a hair salon to do business or set up a company here, the investor only needs to spend an initial capital of 300,000 N. This number is not significant for many people.

Benefits and Risks of Doing Hair Business in Nigeria

Benefits And Risks Of Doing Hair Business In Nigeria
Benefits And Risks Of Doing Hair Business In Nigeria

Any business model has its benefits and risks. The same goes for the hair business model in Nigeria. It can bring you a huge bargain or make you lose money. 

However, as we have shared above, opening a hair salon or hair business in Nigeria at present is the right decision. 

So before looking for an answer on why we should start a hair business in Nigeria, stay tuned for the benefits and pitfalls (which can be encountered when doing business in this fierce market). But do not worry too much because if you know the business techniques, you will profit from this model.


In terms of advantages, when doing hair business in Nigeria, you will have the following:


Looking at the above statistics, you will also agree that the hair business market in Nigeria is not tiny if you find a distributor of hair or hair accessories at original prices combined with a systematic business strategy. You will get a profit 2-3 times the actual price.

Easy to do business

You want to open a hair business in Nigeria and so do others. That shows that there are many people opening hair salons or hair businesses here. 

So at the beginning of your career, you will find strong connections in this market. To minimize risk, you must carefully study the market, make a business plan, distribute it, or learn a business course.

Stable business

It can be that the business model here is quite stable. The number 6 billion is information you can see. 


The highly competitive environment and some difficulties in payment procedures are the disadvantages you will encounter when doing business in this market. 

Highly competitive

It is clear as day. 

Any robust business model will have competition. So you need to carefully consider whether you have prepared well when planning to do hair business in Nigeria. If you want to make money from this business model, you need specific knowledge.

Payments are a bit difficult.

In Nigeria, there is a disadvantage that the government does not allow USD transfers abroad. However, if you find a reputable agency, then you don’t need to worry about this because the supplier will try to complete the payments.

Why You Should Start A Hair Business In Nigeria?

Need for hair extensions is increasing
Need for hair extensions is increasing

The large human need for hair extension in Nigeria

If you ask 10 women in Nigeria, you will get the answer that they always want to beautify their hair. 

Moreover, their hair is naturally coarser, stiffer, and frizzy than women in other countries, so they want to have hair extensions to save time. Therefore, the hair business will be very profitable if you have a specific strategy.

They have a long history of hair extensions

Nigerians have always valued the beauty of their hair. It is one of the first countries to invent hair extension technology. It can be that the girls here consider beauty with hair to be something significant to them. So you can be sure that the money spent in this business can be ultimately successful if you have a specific strategy.

The demand for beauty here is enormous.

According to a source of information we collected, As can be seen from economic newspapers in Africa, the country has a stable and mixed economy. Women here are willing to spend a lot of money to pay for beauty in general and hairdressing in particular. 

That shows that you can profit very quickly from this service here. You must have a good grasp of the market and make a specific business plan.

How to Start a Hair Extensions Business in Nigeria?

This will probably be the part that interests you most in this article. So let’s not make you wait any longer. Let’s find out what we need to do step by step when starting this business.

Things You Need To Consider Before Starting A Hair Extension Business In Nigeria
Things You Need To Consider Before Starting A Hair Extension Business In Nigeria

Learn relevant knowledge

Before starting a hair extension service business in Nigeria, you require a careful plan and strategy detailing tasks and targets. So, before you start your hair business in Nigeria, you should prepare and learn the knowledge related to the hair extension profession.

In addition, to avoid facing risks such as buying fake and quality goods from a distributor, you need to know how to classify hair (in which hair straightens bones, hair curls. Depending on the thickness of the hair, there will be single, super, and double drawn hair extensions.

Furthermore, you should learn about the general price of virgin hair, remy hair, non remy hair. Since these two former hair types have a relatively high price difference, it is not easy for a beginner to start a hair extension business in Nigeria. However, as you know, women value hair extensions as a precious asset. Therefore, the investment is worth it. If you do that, you can have loyal customers who always believe in you and in the future they will return and introduce you to their family and friends.

However, nowadays, in the current market, some places even mix synthetic fibers into the hair.

Determine the business model

You need to define your business type clearly before starting a related hair business in Nigeria. Once you have identified the model, you will have the next direction for yourself. For example, in a small business, you only need to rent a small space, and at first, you do not need many employees. On the contrary, if the company is large, you need more investment (from the capital to people). As shared from the beginning, defining and planning a business is essential to determine 50% of your success or not.


All businesses require money. We cannot do business without capital. The amount is large or small depending on the model you plan to do business with and the type of product you intend to do business with.

For example, if you plan to trade in wigs or virgin hair, your investment is likely to be higher. To gain experience and avoid risks for yourself in this section, you can refer to business partners of the same goods in Nigeria. That’s why we recommend connecting with the businesses above.

Other costs attached such as “social media strategy” – all of this knowledge requires you to research carefully before deciding. Nowadays, marketing is cheaper compared to your imagination. In the digital era, you can do marketing as long as you have Internet and social media accounts. You just need to master Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, you can be successful 30%. Therefore, you do not pay for advertisements or any article, just on customer experience in your shop through offline and online. 

Find the No. 1 distributor

From wigs to weaving and hair connections, Nigeria imports more hair than you think, especially if you connect with the right foreign suppliers and master digital marketing tips to boost sales. 

However, you should find the No. 1 distributor. Yes, this means that if you want to sell wigs, try to find the hair at the factory or at least the No. 1 distributor. In the current day, there are many countries emerging as big hair extension exporters such as: Vietnam, China, India…Hair from these countries is so versatile, durable and flexible. 

In this post, I will recommend to you the most reliable Vietnamese hair factory. It is Gruda Hair – a hair distributor offering a wide range of selections. 

About Gruda Hair

It is one of the most popular hair factories in Vietnam providing hair extensions all over the world. Gruda Hair has established a wide and loyal network with customers coming from different continents. Clients always believe in Gruda Hair and come back to buy after each order. Customers of Gruda Hair are from: Nigeria, South Africa, France, the UK, the US, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Ghana, Greece…

About Gruda’s products

With many experience in the hair field along with relentless attempts to improve products and customer experience, Gruda Hair offers a wealth of hair products, including hair types and hairstyles. The quality is high because they are human hair extensions with 2 qualities: virgin and remy hair and 3 grades:  single drawn, double drawn, and super double drawn hair. In terms of hair types, this company has bulk hair, hair extension wefts, tape-in hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, tip-in hair extensions,  frontals, ponytails, wigs, closures, and other similar items are available. Straight hair, pixie hair, afro kinky hair, bone straight hair, wavy hair, deep wavy hair, funmi curl, tip twist curl, egg roll, burmese curly… are all popular hairstyles.

Below are the images of hair products from Gruda Hair

Hair Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Products Of Gruda Hair
Hair Products Of Gruda Hair

You can refer the price of hair products from Gruda Hair here

Price Of Hair Extension: Single Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Single Drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Double drawn hair
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn
Price Of Hair Extension: Super Double Drawn

Notes to avoid failure 

Successor failure in business is expected in the marketplace. Of course, no one wants to fail in business. For yourself not to easily fall into neglect, prepare yourself for the following experiences.

Set reasonable goals

To accomplish this work, you need to have goals first. Because when you have a goal, you can start taking action. You must set goals to develop effective strategies and actions and ultimately know if the goal is achievable?

An objective will consist of 3 aspects:

The first is the concept of the goal, which is the specific (quantitative) of the goal, and the last is the criteria for testing the goal.

“Make money” is the goal of many people, but if you only make money, but the goal is not clear, it will be difficult for you to succeed.

You need to have a specific goal in mind, whether you’re a small corner shop owner or you have a large hair salon. Without purpose, you can quickly lose direction and lack motivation.

When setting goals, you should also estimate whether you are suitable or not. Unrealistic goals can also make you more pathetic in your plans.

An unclear goal, maybe at first you will feel dazzled with the plan you have outlined (the amount of profit), but some things arise that you do not anticipate and lead to business failure for the first time often makes you frustrated and lose confidence in yourself. You will have a hard time regaining your balance right away.

Adapt to the market

Once you have decided to open a hair salon, you need to determine that (either) you are losing or you need to adapt to the market. To do this, you can either follow shared ‘friends’ methods or build your strategy.

Saying to adapt, there are two principles you should keep in mind when starting a hair business in Nigeria:

  • Make your own difference (the difference of the shop)
  • Follow the trend of the market 

Recruit potential employees

There is a saying about a business that you may have heard. “A good machine needs to operate from good staff.” As a business head, you need to recruit or train potential employees. Especially when your job is in the beauty industry. You can lose potential customers if you do not prepare well from the beginning. 

Make friends with customers

Customers are the money of the business. You need to know what your customers want, need, and when they want to use your services. For example, curly-haired girls will often want to condition their hair after curling, or girls with short hair who need a haircut often want to use the service with a preferential price.

Do you know how to use your business products to market, improve, and succeed? Does this depend on you?

Learn from the experts

No one can be good at first and no one can be good at everything right away. Don’t try to run everything on your own. Consult related knowledge, and find a mentor..when you want to start a hair business in Nigeria


Is the human hair business profitable in Nigeria?

From wigs to braids and extensions, importing human hair in Nigeria is more lucrative than you think, especially if you can connect with the right and knowledgeable foreign suppliers. Marketing Art. Digitization drives sales.

Who buys the most hair?

In 2020, the largest importers of human hair were Indonesia ($58.3 million), Hong Kong ($35.4 million), Myanmar ($14.9 million), Austria ($13 million), and China ( 13 million USD). $13 million). $9.74 million) Do

Wigs Make Money in Nigeria?

Wig business is one of the most profitable business ideas in Nigeria and abroad. Nowadays almost every woman wears hair or a wig. A lot of women can’t do it without wearing it. Some people wear it to enhance their beauty while others wear it to add length and a natural hairstyle.

Is selling human hair profitable?

Since human hair is such a popular commodity with many uses, learning how to start selling human hair for braids can be a lucrative business. This hair type is preferred over synthetic hair blends. After all, it looks more natural and flexible because it can be styled with heat without damage.

Which country has the best hair?

White, Asian, and Indian hair samples were tested in the World’s Best Hair Study. Their results put an end to all problems in this regard: Indians have the healthiest hair in terms of health, far ahead of other ethnicities in all four rankings.

How much capital does it take to open a hair salon?

You can start a hair salon business with as little as $1,000, maybe less, or as much as a quarter of a million. Don’t forget, and it’s a legit way to start low, rent a booth, and use it to your advantage over time to enter your store.

How do hair providers work?

A hair supplier list is a collection of hair suppliers and their contact information. This list usually includes suppliers who will sell you hair at wholesale prices when you do business with them. Some suppliers may require a certain purchase quantity, and some may not.

How do you know if a hair supplier is legit?

You should visit the customer reviews website for the online hair salon you want to buy, or do a quick Google search to find the brand name and ‘review’ or ‘scam’. 

If most of the reviews are negative or the total rating is too low, you may need to reconsider ordering from this supplier they may.

Which country has the best hair?

Caucasian, Asian and Indian hair samples were tested in the World’s Best Hair Study. Their results put an end to any question: When it comes to health, Indians have the best hair, far ahead of other races in all four rankings.


Just about to share why you should start a hair business in Nigeria. And you also have your answer, right? If you are interested and want to get started right away but are wondering about the address that provides hair at a discounted price or wants more advice on the business model here. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment. Our staff will contact you to advise you.

Do not forget to share this post with your friends if you find it beneficial. Let’s follow us if you want to update any information relevant to hair extensions in the future.