What Is A Bone Straight Hair? Everything You Need To Know About

What is bone straight hair? Straight hair with bones is a hair straightener with a machine or tool. It is the typical hair type for shiny, shiny hair. 

It is quite similar to naturally straight hair in terms of straightness. But there are still big differences between them in structure and features.

Today, straight hair with bones has become a trend of choice for many customers. It is a chic, calm hairstyle for women that celebrates a full personal beauty. There are quite a few different straight hair types today, each with its distinct characteristics.

If you want to delve into the concept and characteristics of straight hair with bones, then this article is for you. 

Rest assured with all the following information because they are compiled from my personal experience and feedback from customers who have used the product. Please scroll gently so as not to miss important information!

What Is A Straight Bone?

Straight hair with bones is a short hairstyle that is thin, shiny, and less frizzy. It is coarse and tightens the entire hair from the weft to the tip. 

It is suitable for a wide range of uses to enhance the appeal of the overall beauty. So, this item helps users look more luxurious, elegant, and attractive.

Personally, I like this hairstyle. It makes my face more charming and especially attractive than my original hair. 

If you are wondering about choosing this product, here are some important features you need to know about it.

  • Requires little or no styling: Unlike naturally straight hair, this hair requires little or no styling to make it stress-free. This feature saves you more time on combing and styling. However, you will not be delighted to do the styles you like with this feature.
  • Can’t be curled: If you are worried about your hair getting curled during important events, straight hair with bones is the perfect solution. Since it is directly straightened with a special tool, it is impossible to bend it.
  • No need to dye: With this type of hair, you do not need to dye it because its color is extremely wonderful. However, if you wish to change it up, it is possible to dye it. But you won’t be able to dye it bright yellow.

How If A Straight Hair Has A Bone When You See One?

It’s called boneless straight hair because it’s straight hair, and no tools can bend it. It is also softer and shinier than any of these hair types on the market today. 

If you like individuality and flexibility, it could be the perfect suggestion. On the contrary, if you desire beautiful curly hair, this hair type may disappoint you.

Unlike natural straight hair or traditional hairstyles, straight hair is not flat from top to bottom with a certain smoothness. It is to help celebrate the natural beauty of women and help them look better in the eyes of those around them.

There are many types of boneless straight hair, but not all are good. In addition to quality products, there will still be sophisticated counterfeit products that enter the market. If you’re unlucky, you’ll be the one consuming that item.

To find the genuine hair type, you need to do a thorough examination. 

Break them to see if they’re good ones.

If the hair is easily folded, you can be sure it is not straight hair without bones and vice versa.

How To Take Care Of Your Straight Hair With Bones?

Like many other hair types, boneless straight hair needs the care to ensure its smoothness and straightness. 

Of course, care for this is not difficult, as it is very easy to maintain. However, remember not to curl your hair or change the style because doing so, no matter how well you take care of your hair, will be damaged and cannot be used.

In using hair, you can combine some accessories to make the overall look more beautiful when you use it. And then, proceed to remove it all when you’re done using it.

Ideally, you should smooth them and store them in places where children cannot reach after each use. 

Otherwise, they can tangle your hair at any time. In addition, you also need to pay attention to arranging them in the space just enough for the size of the hair. Never fold or curl your hair. Because only after that you won’t be able to straighten them. Or even worse, it could even break.

Can shampoo be used for this hair? It’s a bad idea and can damage your hair. Straight, boneless hair is a type of hair created with a certain degree of softness, so even if you use it regularly, continuously, it will not be able to make it sticky and dandruff. Therefore, it is not necessary to use it with shampoo.

Types Of Straight Hair With Bones

Straight boneless hair is produced in many different types. With each class, it will have the perfect characterization and compatibility for your usage requirements. Below is a detailed analysis of the popular hair types used today. Specifically:

Single Drawn

This section of hair contains multiple lengths of hair that are into the extensions. Because of this, it seems thicker at the top and thinner down the tail. It is more affordable and ensures a wider audience compared to other hairstyles.

This hairstyle is suitable for girls aged 15 – 20 years old. It helps to show the overall beauty of the fish clearly and makes the user’s face younger and more active.

Double Drawn

This hair type is about the same length in all positions, judging by the size. It will be evenly thick at the head, middle, and tail. But unfortunately, it is quite expensive. 

For some economically underdeveloped people, owning this hair type can be a big challenge.

This hairstyle is suitable for many users. But the most beautiful is still used for middle-aged women. It shows maturity, decency, and seriousness.

Super Double Drawn

Super Double Drawn is the thickest hair type compared to the two hair types introduced earlier. It contains about 85-90% of hairs of the same length. 

Overall, this hairstyle is luxurious, elegant, and suitable for many ages. In particular, middle-aged women or girls are the perfect subjects. Its price is also quite high, but even so, it is still popular with users.

Price Of Straight Hair With Bones

In Nigeria

The current cost for straight boneless hair in Nigeria ranges from around N60,000 to N300,000 or more. Each type of hair, color, or length will have a different specific price.

Straight, boneless hair is the perfect investment to improve your overall personal beauty. It deserves your attention and has become a top priority with the need to renovate beauty. 

But, for that, you need to choose a hairstyle that is compatible with your face and appearance. If you don’t, your face will look much older than your age.

For example, if you are a person who likes simplicity, simplicity, and rustic, a hair with a regular length between sections is a wise choice.

In addition to choosing a hairstyle, you should also pay attention to your care. Because if you are not careful, you will destroy and make them worse when in use.

In Vietnam

Vietnam hair industry focuses on manufacturing products to supply for both domestic and international customers. In many recent years, Vietnam hair industry gradually has a high position on an global scale because of top notch quality and customer services.

The primary reason why Vietnam hair gains a huge popularity and trust is owning to durability, versatility, diversity and natural look. To get more detailed information about advantages and disadvantages of Vietnam hair, you can visit this post.

When you choose a hair extension to buy, products are selected basing on your preference and needs. In terms of price of bone straight hair in Vietnam, the price may vary depending on length, volume, quality as well as price that is proposed by hair factory. In our hair factory – Gruda Hair, we offer a wide range of bone straight hair accompany diverse price, respectively.

I will show you the price table of Gruda Hair. You can refer to make the best decision for you.

Single drawn price

The price of Vietnamese Single drawn price
The price of Vietnamese Single drawn price

Double drawn price

The price of Vietnamese Double drawn price
The price of Vietnamese Double drawn price

Super double drawn price

The price of Vietnamese Super double drawn price
The price of Vietnamese Super double drawn price

6 Things You Need To Make Your Own Bone Wig

6 things you need to have to make wigs on your own
6 things you need to have to make wigs on your own

Making a wig is not difficult, but it is not necessarily easy either. 

If you are not sure about the process and how to do it, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to create the desired hair. If you want to make your wig at home, here’s what you need to consider.

Wig cap

First, try to find the right wig cap. Because it is the foundation for you to take the next steps and help connect the wig with your head firmly. Usually, with these hats, they should be a little thin so as not to irritate your scalp. However, you can still opt for a thicker model if you want.

Needle and thread

You need a complete set of needles and threads to sew the cap. Note, the color only selected must be compatible with the color of the hat so as not to reveal the line only when finished.


The glue helps you to stick the hair on the wig cap. To achieve the most natural product, you will have to attach a natural wig. If you think needle and thread can give certainty to this stage, you are wrong. It cannot be as aesthetically pleasing as when using glue.

Realistic hair

Real hair can make your hair look expensive. But don’t be too confused about this, because we plan to create straight, boneless hair at the lowest price. Therefore, you can direct yourself to other products with more stable prices.

Textile to make the closure

After gluing and stitching the attachment on the wig cap, the rest will be closed. At this part, it is where the textile equipment comes in. You can invite your friends to buy a loom to save money, and your next work will be much simpler.

Hot water

Finish weaving; you need to use hot water and dip it in. The heat of the water can make it softer and closer to real hair.

Rose oil

Finally, add a little conditioner to it to make it stand out. With that, comb your hair until it feels smooth.

Where To Buy A Vietnamese Bone Straight Hair?

Gruda Hair - A reliable Vietnam Hair Factory
Gruda Hair – A reliable Vietnam Hair Factory

Currently, Vietnam is emerging as a reliable partner supplying hair extensions all over the world. In Vietnam, there are more and more hair factories making enormous efforts to have a stable position on the global scale. One of the most trustworthy Vietnamese Hair factories is Gruda Hair, supplying a wide range of products with top notch quality and diverse color, hairstyles as well as price.

Firstly, I will give you some information about the Gruda Hair factory. Having more than 10 years of experience in the hair industry, Gruda Hair is confident to have a deep understanding into desires, needs and pain points of customers as well as products, hair trends. Gruda Hair ensures that we are able to offer you a wide range of selections with high quality hair extensions. Gruda Hair always commits to its mission “Never sell bad products that ruin your hair business”.

Over many years of development, having a high level of prestige, Gruda becomes a reliable supplier to over 3000 wholesale and retail hair customers all over the world. 

All the landmarks are made due to both customers’ support and our relentless effort.  Gruda is always confident to become a reliable partner and friend with you. 

We act with an ultimate goal that is to bring customers wonderful and optimal experience with owning a natural look as well as help those want to start their own hair business. Gruda Hair desires to build a bright future with all of our customers. 

Regarding products, Gruda Hair has its own factory, so we can manufacture countless products, including bone straight hair. Gruda Hair provides a large number of hairstyles of bone straight hair with different prices and colors. 

Here are some bone straight hair products:

Bone Straight Hairs from Gruda Hair
Bone Straight Hairs from Gruda Hair
Bone Straight Hairs from Gruda Hair
Bone Straight Hairs from Gruda Hair


Above, I helped you answer what bone straight hair is and give detailed, objective, and fair evaluations of straight boneless hair types. Hopefully, this information will help you better understand this hairstyle and make the right choice for your usage requirements.

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